Optical illusion that claims to reveal whether you're a leader or people-pleaser goes viral on TikTok

Optical illusion: do you see a lion or zebras first?
What do you see? Photo credit: @psychologylove100 / TikTok

An optical illusion that claims to reveal insights into your personality has gone viral, with many viewers hailing the trick as "spot on". 

The content creator who shared the illusion - who runs a popular TikTok specialising in visual personality tests and psychology tricks - said whether you are a people-pleaser or a team leader can be determined based on which animal you first see in the image, which is comprised of stripes and abstract shapes. 

The creator, who goes by the username @psychologylove, claims that first deciphering a lion in the illusion indicates you're a team leader with both "natural authority" and a "courageous and honest" approach to leadership. 

"You respect the weakest and don't hesitate to stand up for them," he said, adding: "Instead of surrounding yourself with lots of people, you prefer to invest in a select group and avoid crowded places.

"You prefer to lead a quieter life and spend quality time with your few trusted friends and family."

On the downside, people who spot the lion first are likely to be self-indulgent and may over-prioritise pleasure to the point of excess. 

Alternatively, those who initially see two zebras in the illusion are likely to be people-pleasers and more extroverted than their lion counterparts.

"It could also mean that you enjoy talking and being around people," he said. "Meeting new people is your hobby, and if there's anything you don't like, it's routines... you're also generous, always looking to please the people you love."

A 'people pleaser' personality is typically characterised by a strong urge to please, even at their own expense. They may put their own wants and needs aside to prioritise those of others, and are more likely to alter their personality to adapt to different social situations.

At the time of writing the video has been viewed more than 5.8 million times, liked by over 450,000 and amassed more than 5200 comments, many of which expressed awe at the accuracy of the illusion. 

"I can't believe how accurate these are. I'm impressed," one said, with a second adding: "Dang these are too accurate. Lion first."

"You're on point with everything," another said, with a fourth weighing in: "Absolutely true."

However, others pointed out that the lion seemed more prominent in the image given its size and central placement, with the majority of viewers agreeing they saw the cat first. Others noted they struggled to make out the zebras at all, while several said they saw both simultaneously.

A few even claimed to see different animals altogether, including a wolf and a bunny rabbit.