Up to 20,000 people expected at 2023 Christchurch Brick Show

A theme park, Star Wars and even a dress are among the hundreds of creations at this year's Brick Show in Christchurch.

Up to 20,000 people are expected to attend the country's largest Lego show as it marks its 10th year anniversary.

A map of the South Island, Mona Lisa and even Batman.

"Literally everything, if you can imagine it we've probably got it in Lego somewhere," said Brick Show organiser Jonny Reid.

More than 250 Lego enthusiasts have come from all corners of the country to attend the 10th annual two-day Christchurch Brick Show.

"I have built a man fishing inspired by Matt Watson from ITM Fishing Show and he has caught one fish and is trying to catch more for his dinner," Lego exhibitionist Lucas Lanchester said.

But it's not just for the brick-builders.

"I've come because I absolutely love Lego, it's such a cool thing. You can build lots of cool things," said Lego lover Georgia Breading.

Up to 20,000 are expected to attend the 10th annual two-day Brick Show.

"We want to encourage people to come and share their creations and also have an event where people can come and enjoy," Reid said.

Nine-year-old Timothy Sowman designed this year's limited edition set, which means his own creation is up for sale.

"It gets your brain going and there's lots of different ways to use it and you're always learning different things with it," he said.

"Really great for their mathematical problem-solving skills, good for the brain, aye," Timothy's mother Ruth Guthrie said.

There are more than 140 creations here on Saturday, made with more than 10 million bricks.

And with bricks costing between 5 cents and a whopping $30 each, Reid acknowledged that "it's not really a cheap hobby".

But one that's fitting for retirement.

There are at least 20,000 bricks in Lego exhibitionist David Littlefair's Disney amusement park he's been building since last year. 

"It's a brilliant thing to do, love seeing the reaction from the kids, keeps the old mind young as well," he said.