US mum, 70, reveals secret skincare product she swears by that makes her 'look 20 years younger'

Screengrabs of @mattloveshair and his mother
We're all ears for a best-kept beauty secret: especially those shared by 70-year-olds who don't look a day over 55. Photo credit: @mattloveshair / TikTok

For those of us who plan on ageing as gracefully as possible - with maybe the help of a tweakment or two - we're all ears for a best-kept beauty secret: especially those shared by 70-year-olds who don't look a day over 55.

In a video that has amassed almost 80,000 views on TikTok, said 70-year-old revealed her skincare secret for an ageless appearance, with many viewers left in awe by her youthful complexion. 

In the clip, US content creator and hairstylist Matt - who has over 1.5 million followers on the platform - revealed how his 70-year-old mother has maintained her radiant and virtually wrinkle-free skin over the years, supposedly without any Botox, dermal fillers or expensive 'anti-ageing' products. 

"Seventy years young! This is my mom," Matt said in the clip alongside his smiling mother.

"No Botox, no filler, and only one anti-ageing product - and she wants to show it to you," he continued, gesturing to his mum to elaborate.

"It's a Frowny," she declared. "A sticker. I put it on before I go to sleep and I take it off when I wake up."

Wearing a Frowny on her glabella - the part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows - to demonstrate, she then peeled off the flesh-coloured sticker to reveal her taut, smooth skin underneath. 

"Ta-da!" her son announced.

In the caption, Matt reiterated that the clip wasn't a sponsored post or advertisement for Frowny, adding: "Just my sweet mom wanting to share her #antiaging skincare secret, she's worn this to sleep [for] as long as I can remember."

Viewers flocked to the comments to express their astonishment at his mother's appearance, with many sharing their disbelief at her mature age. 

"70?! SHE LOOKS AMAZING," one declared, with a second adding: "70? Omg she looks fabulous!"

"I'm in cosmetology school and they taught us how to use Frownies. This is amazing to see the results in real life. She is beautiful," said another, with a fourth writing: "She looks so good, literal goals."

"She looks like she's in her mid-50s or early 60s," another weighed in, with one agreeing: "She literally looks mid-40s, no way she's 70 - I wanna age like this."

Marketed as "non-invasive wrinkle smoothers", packs of 144 Frownies' Facial Wrinkle Patches can be found online for $45, available for the forehead and between the eyes as well as the corners of the eyes and mouth. There is also a pack of 60 'Gentle Lifts' Frownies for the lip line and small areas.

Invented in 1889, the patches claim to target the facial muscles to "smooth and lift" static wrinkles and expression lines. They are designed to be left on the face for a minimum of three hours, but preferably overnight.

While the product has gained something of a cult following, it hasn't been a hit with everyone: some customers have complained of the lack of adhesive, claiming the patches fall off during the night, while others have said they can be rough on sensitive skin. A number have also noted that while the patches work with consistent use, the wrinkles can quickly return as soon as the Frownies aren't being regularly applied. 

Alternatively, Peace Out Skincare offer packs of Anti-Wrinkle Dissolving Microneedling Patches, which can be found at Sephora, as a spot treatment for crow's feet, smile lines, and forehead and glabella wrinkles. Wrinkles Schminkles also have a similar self-adhesive Forehead Smoothing Kit via Adore Beauty.