V Green energy drink gets flavour, packaging revamp for the first time in 26 years

Three of the new V Green energy drinks against green background
The first reviews have been pretty mixed. Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Image - Supplied

V Green has been given a 'taste lift' for the first time in 26 years - and Kiwis are the first to try the beloved energy drink's new-and-improved flavour. 

The drink has been revamped inside and out, with refreshed packaging and a smoother, fruitier flavour, according to its makers, the Auckland-headquartered beverage company Frucor Suntory.

But fans of the OG fizzy shouldn't stress: according to Allison Yorston, the brand's chief marketing officer in Oceania, the classic carbonated drink hasn't undergone a complete overhaul, and she's confident current drinkers will appreciate the subtle "taste lift". 

"We did extensive research to get us to this point, and rest assured, V Green will still offer you that familiar flavour and burst of epic energy as you tackle whatever life throws at you," she said in a statement on Wednesday. 

"[The] refined taste is everything people already love, with more of the best stuff - making it more refreshing, smoother and easier to drink than ever."

To complement the enhanced taste, the logo has also been updated - "showcasing a more modern product design", Yorston added. 

She noted that research among V Green's fanbase found that many believed the fruity flavours could be ramped up a notch to amplify its refreshment factor.

Over the next few weeks, the revamped 250ml V Green cans will pop up in stores across Aotearoa, followed by larger cans, bottles and multi-packs. Other V Energy drinks - V Green Sugar-free, V Blue, V Blue Sugar-free, V Tropical Tang and V Raspberry Lemonade - will also start sporting the new logo and design, but with no change to the tastes.

Mixed reviews?

Earlier this week, 31-year-old Southland content creator ItsthatVgirl - popularised on TiKTok for her love of the energy drinks - shared her verdict in an ad for the drink, noting she was "not disappointed". 

But one woman claimed in the comments that she was less than impressed with the updated flavour, writing: "Tastes like a [second] grade $2 shop energy drink. Sorry, it's a no from me. It's lost that zing and it tastes watered down. Also it's not as fizzy.

"To me, who has two to three a day on weekdays and four to five on weekends, so plenty of experience, it's bland. Less fizz, less zing, to me tastes watered down," she continued. 

Another was also on the fence, commenting, "The green ones have less of a kick, but still nice," while a third agreed: "As someone who's drunk V for 12 years, it's not the same."

V Green has gained a dedicated following since its launch in 1997. Sold in the likes of Europe, South Africa and Argentina, the energy drink is the flagship brand of Japanese-owned beverage company Frucor Suntory, which operates across Australasia and is headquartered in Auckland. 

V's range of energy drinks are powered by guarana, a plant native to the Amazon that is commonly touted for its ability to reduce fatigue and boost energy.