Women are sharing on Reddit the 'unconventional' physical features they find attractive in men

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As the age-old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether your type is classically 'tall, dark and handsome' or a bloke who's 5'8" with hairy knees, there's truly someone for everyone.

Just like how the 'ick' phenomenon took off on social media as people around the world shared their very specific turn-offs (from flip-flops to board shorts puffing up in the pool), women are now sharing their particular - and not so traditional - turn-ons: from crow's feet to glasses to big noses and everything in-between.

In a Reddit thread posted last week to the popular forum AskReddit, u/YouByYou asked the community to share some of the "unconventional physical features" they find attractive in men - features that by societal beauty standards, would typically be regarded as unattractive.

It didn't take long for women to weigh in with their favourite unorthodox features, which in a world that favours the conventionally beautiful (#PrettyPrivilege), may give all of us mere mortals a little boost of confidence.

One of the most common answers? Being short! Short kings, it's your time to shine.

Here are some of our favourite responses - the most common answers have been grouped together.

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Body hair and dad bods were some of the 'unconventionally' attractive features mentioned. Photo credit: Getty Images


  • "Men who wear glasses. Is that a physical feature?"
  • "Men with poor eyesight."
  • "I am also attracted to men who wear glasses. Then again, I wear glasses. Solidarity I guess?"

Crow's feet

  • "I'm a sucker for crow's feet/laugh lines around the eyes."
  • "I love crow's feet/eye wrinkles that get really pronounced when he smiles. My fiance hates his crows feet but I think they're adorable. His face just lights up."
  • "Crow's feet that stand out from a sunburn after a long day at work in the sun."

Big and/or hooked noses

  • "It's not as 'trendy' in western media, but I love aquiline/hooked noses."
  • "Large noses."
  • "A beautiful, big, sometimes misshapen nose. Owen Wilson's nose does it for me."
  • "Interesting noses that are generally considered a bit on the ugly side. Sometimes baldness."
  • "Big arched noses."

Hair - lots of it

  • "Hair on face, arms, legs, chest and head."
  • "I love hairy men."
  • "Apparently hairy guys aren't as popular as I thought - I LOVE HAIRY LEGS AND CHESTS LOL."
  • "Giant eyebrows."
  • "I myself enjoy a good handlebar moustache. My husband refuses to grow one and it makes me sad."
  • "Love me a hairy man. Bonus points if they've got a belly!"
  • "I love lots of hair. Idk. Maybe in a past life I was a woolly mammoth."

Short stature

  • "Being short."
  • "I like short-ish men, if they're well-proportioned. I'm 5'5 and the perfect size for me is about 5'7. I don't know why, I just always thought smaller men were cute and sexy."
  • "Guys who are on the shorter side, even shorter than me. I don't like people towering over me, lol."
  • "I love that my husband is short for a guy. It means there's a lot of eye contact before kissing and during intimate times, and that's so freaking hot."
  • "Being short, having a somewhat soft body (not a lot of muscle definition), huge puppy eyes, a soft voice. Now imagine this same guy wearing a suit and smoking a cigarette. Contrast is everything."
  • "Call me weird, but men with a boyish charm (not just in looks but also in behaviour)... [I] find men with puppy-like faces who are silly and young at heart attractive."

Hand stuff

  • "I LOVE rough, callused hands."
  • "'Working man's hands'. Like when they come home and their hands are almost black and it's stained like that for months on end."
  • "Working man hands, not diseased-looking, but just looks like he works hard."
  • "Big, thick fingers/hands with calluses and short nails! Veiny and some hair!"

Shoulder stuff

  • "Shoulder freckles."
  • "His shoulders. The small of his back."
  • "Prominent shoulder blades. God that's the sexiest thing."
  • "Shoulders. Big shoulders."

Dad bods

  • "I like guys with a little weight on them and body hair. Especially a beard. Dad bods are in, just saying!"
  • "I don't like them supper ripped, a bit of a dad bod is cool."
  • "Muscular calves. I like strong legs on a guy. Buff arms and chicken legs will always look ridiculous to me."
  • "Having a cute lil belly and love handles."
  • "Big bellied. E.g. prefer Russell Crowe now vs him back then."

Hair that's not 'dark'

  • "Red hair. Gingers are hot."
  • "Red hair, facial hair, and a buzz cut… saw a guy today that had all three and I couldn’t stop staring, chefs kiss what a beautiful man."
  • "Greying hair."
  • "Grey or white hair and beards that match the carpet."
  • "Greys aren't unsexy either! Embrace that shit!"

Crooked smiles

  • "When their second to the front teeth are slightly crooked - like Henry Cavill."
  • "Crooked teeth can actually be really cute."
  • "Crooked teeth, idk why but I find straight teeth on men kinda creepy."
  • "Buck teeth, and a little chubby."
  • "I like teeth, but not straight and white, like fake, bleached teeth that are so popular in the US… I prefer them natural, and a little wonky. With personality."
  • "Not-perfect teeth are sometimes really cute. My partner has crooked teeth which he hates but I think there is a really cute character charm there."
  • "A lopsided smile will always draw my attention."

Honourable mentions

  • "I looove bald men."
  • "How about clean. No earwax or crust behind the ears. Cut and filed nails. No covering crusty feet in socks with your sandals. Just wash everything every day."
  • "Acne scars are soooooo sexy."
  • "Femininity."
  • "I have loved looking at down-turned, slightly droopy eyes since I was a kid. Still love them. They look so smiley."
  • "Gangly limbs, stutter, slouch."
  • "My partner has a distinct curve between his chin and lower lip. It drives me crazy. It's so beautiful to me."
  • "Dark under-eye circles or bags under the eyes.
  • "I find dark eyes extremely attractive. Like where you can't even see the pupil because it just blends with the eye."
  • "Knees. I still don't know why."

Responses have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.