Hotel manager reveals horrifying reason you should never use the free full-size toiletries

Stock image of toiletry products in a marble hotel shower, inset screengrab of the products shown in TikTok video
New fear unlocked. Photo credit: Getty Images, @travelinghotelmanager / TikTok

A hotel manager has revealed the stomach-churning reason you should think twice before using the free toiletries provided in your accommodation. 

In a video that has since amassed over a million views, the US-based content creator - who goes by the username @travelinghotelmanager on TikTok - shared why you should always avoid using the amenities offered in hotels and other forms of accommodation, such as shower gel and hair products. 

Captioning the clip with the hashtag "#DontUseThese", she began by showing three full-sized bottles of Byredo-branded body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the shower of a five-star hotel in Boston. 

"Here's your tip: don't ever use these," she said. "Why? Because they're not secure."

To demonstrate, she removed the pump from one of the bottles, like one would do at home to refill or empty a product.

"The previous guest can put anything they want in there: they can put hair colour, bleach - anything - in these. Don't ever use these."

She added that she brings her own products with her when travelling to ensure she always knows the contents of her toiletries.

"If you don't bring your own, always call down to the front desk and ask for a fresh set or even the mini ones - don't ever, ever use these, trust me," she advised.

Shocked viewers have since expressed their horror and disbelief, prompting the hotel manager to add in the comments that more people would pull such stunts than you might expect.   

Earlier this year, former hotel manager Melissa Hanks also went viral on the platform after revealing she had found the hair removal product Nair and "God knows what else" in the refillable bottles, adding that bodily fluids had also been detected in one particularly revolting incident. 

Weighing in with their own thoughts and experiences, viewers of @travelinghotelmanager's video swore they would never use the provided shampoos and body washes again, while others agreed that bringing your own personal products or travel-sized toiletries was the best bet. 

"New fear unlocked," one commented, with a second adding: "I have always said this. I have a fear of someone putting hair remover in the bottle."

"Huh. I always thought they gave the rooms new ones after check out. Thanks for sharing," a third said.

Others noted that some hotels do have the bottles secured or in locked holders to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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