Iconic Auckland bakery The Caker closing its doors

  • 05/08/2023

Cult favourite Auckland bakery and cake shop The Caker is closing its doors after a decade of serving scrumptious sweet treats to Kiwis.

Launched in 2010 by Jordan Rondel, who was a judge on The Great Kiwi Bake Off, The Caker rose to international stardom largely due to its easy and luxurious box mixes. 

Most recently, the Kiwi company made headlines after supermodel Chrissy Teigen was accused of copying The Caker's design not long after the two collaborated on baking kits. 

On Friday, Rondel and her sister/co-owner Anouk announced the company's Auckland bakery will be closing to make way for The Caker to grow in other ways.

Rondel said in a post on social media 446 K Road was the home base for developing her cake skills as well as her own identity.

"This bakery has been the foundation for building what The Caker is today - a brand and a community that extends 2 continents and is in the homes of thousands upon thousands of cake lovers," Rondel wrote.

"So yeah it's heartbreaking to say this part of The Caker journey is coming to an end but change opens doors to innovation and fresh possibilities, and I am confident that with more space in my brain, my future endeavours will bring even more value to you, my amazing Caker community.

"I want to deeply thank everyone who chose our cakes for their celebrations over the years, who sent the kindest messages and reviews, I love you! And I want to deeply thank all our staff whose loyalty and dedication will never, ever be forgotten, you are my heroes."

Rondel said she will be announcing end-of-an-era releases over the next month and the last day to pick up cakes will be Sunday, September 3.