The truth about cotton buds and how to safely clean your ears

Cotton buds are a common bathroom staple but often people are unsure about using them or if they are the right thing to use. 

Cotton buds can be dangerous when used to clean your ears. Our eardrums are delicate, and as such, it's very easy to damage and even rupture it by putting cotton buds or other objects in the ear to remove earwax which can push it further into the ear. A test called tympanometry, which can be performed by an audiology professional, can also determine if the earwax is completely or only partially blocking your ear.

Specsavers audiologist Carmela Davies talks about the dangers of using cotton buds and how to safely clean your ears instead. A hearing test will also determine if the wax is causing any hearing difficulties. To book a free 15 minute hearing check, visit the Specsavers website.

Article created in partnership with Specsavers.