AM hosts debate common sick leave move

  • 05/09/2023

AM co-hosts have clashed over a common sick leave move, adding fuel to the timeless debate over where the line is drawn when it comes to calling in sick.

Michael O'Keeffe, who is currently filling in for Ryan Bridge, told the show how one of his friends had taken the day off work due to tiredness.

According to O'Keeffe, the friend had returned from holiday on a long-haul flight and took 'wellbeing leave' the following day. They then took the next day off work because they were still tired and jetlagged.

"You can't do that! If you want to take a day off, take an annual leave day," O'Keeffe said. "What I want to know is when is it okay to take a sick day? Surely that's not okay."

However, co-host Laura Tupou came to the friend's defence.

"I feel like if it's wellbeing [leave], take it when you want."

Watch the video above for more.