Australian swimwear brand's new campaign sparks online fury, claims of lack of diversity

Lahana Swimwear campaign
The bikini label posted a selection of photos to Instagram of the new line of swimwear. Photo credit: Lahana Swimwear

An Australian swimwear brand has been accused of a lack of diversity by featuring "only skinny white women" in its latest campaign.

The swimwear, Lahana, posted a selection of photos to Instagram of the new range which featured 10 female models in black bikinis.

People have since taken to social media to turn on the brand, accusing it of not being inclusive.

"The brand is marketing to a certain demographic," one person said.

"Where is the representation," another added.

Another even said they were unfollowing the brand on social media.

"There are no curvy women or plus size women here or coloured women here," they said.

"It's all skinny white women."

However, other followers were quick to defend the campaign, telling critics to "get a grip".

"Get over yourselves, not every single post made by this company needs to cater for every single body shape or colour," one person commented.

In a statement from Lahana to, the company stated those criticising the campaign were missing the point.

"These are 'real bodies' because they are bodies inhabited by their powerful owners.

"This was a local call-out, which means these girls chose to participate," the brand said.

"We would have loved to have more shapes and skin tones, but these are the beautiful, strong girls who decided to show up and participate on the day."