Countdown 'baby roasting' promotional poster at Whangārei branch sparks hilarity

  • 13/09/2023
Image of the misworded advertisement cropped up-close with inset photo of Countdown Tikipunga
Photo credit: Lesley Armstrong / Facebook; Google

Look, life can be tough: and when you're having a bad day or simply navigating day-to-day stressors, it's always good to get a laugh in when you can - like at an unfortunately worded ad at your local supermarket. 

Taking to Facebook earlier this week, a Whangārei local shared a photo of a misworded promotional poster at Countdown Tikipunga, which advertised a kilogram of baby boiling potatoes or baby roasting potatoes for $3 a pack. The promotion was running from September 11 to September 17, it added. 

However, the ad missed a pretty important word: potatoes. 

Image of the misworded advertisement cropped up-close
The blunder was shared to Facebook earlier this week. Photo credit: Lesley Armstrong / Facebook

The "Baby Boiling or Baby Roasting" blunder prompted hilarity on social media, with the woman who captured the misstep joking: "Seems rather extreme but also very cheap."

"I love babies, but I can't eat a whole one," one person quipped in the comments, with a second deadpanning: "They're cheap because there's a lot of them after the pandemic shutdown."

A spokesperson for Countdown confirmed to Newshub a missing word - "potatoes" - was indeed to blame, noting that the poster will be fixed to avoid any possibility for confusion. 

Last month, Countdown apologised after chicken breasts were mistakenly priced at $12,590.40 at an Auckland brunch - ruffling the feathers of a few bemused shoppers.