HRV spring competition winner surprise with AM visit

  • 28/09/2023
  • Sponsored by - HRV

An HRV home ventilation system might be the perfect solution for those looking to achieve drier, healthier homes.  

It can help in two ways; to reduce moisture, mould and condensation in your home and by filtering out mould spores, pollen and other allergens. Damp and mould can lead to asthma and other conditions, not to mention these types of homes are very unhealthy to live in. More than 700,000 Kiwis live with respiratory diseases and a lot of that comes down to indoor air quality.     

AM's William Waiirua surprised the winners of the HRV AirSense™ Essential home ventilation system competition. Watch the full video above to see their reaction to the surprise and what the win means for their family. 

Article created in partnership with HRV.