Kiwi's response to baffled American about seasonal differences between US and Australia goes viral

A Kiwi woman has gone viral after explaining seasonal differences between Australia and the US to a baffled American. 

The American woman, who goes by the TikTok username @JennaLu, shared a video that detailed her confusion over how it could be winter in the Southern Hemisphere right now.

"For me, I think of June-July-August as summer months," she said. "So I'm just confused because do you, first of all, still call it August and second of all, is August - if you do call it that - a winter month for you?"

A New Zealander by the username @strangersophia then created her own video in response to @JennaLu, in an attempt to explain the concept of the Southern Hemisphere's seasonal cycle.

The video has gone viral, receiving over 656,000 views in just five days with over 1000 comments. 

@strangersophia responded to the baffled American by saying, "Correct, it is winter" - adding that yes, it is still August in other countries at the same time as the US.

"June, July, August is winter, and September kind of. I think spring starts in September but we are going into spring," she told @JennaLu.

The American then asked if Halloween is a spring holiday, and if people are dressed in "spring florals during the fall".

"Yeah, Halloween is a spring holiday. My birthday is actually on Halloween and I have a spring birthday - and no, we dress in spring florals during spring because it's spring," @strangersophia responded. 

The American was also confused by what Santa Claus would be dressed as at Christmas, since the holiday is during the summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

"Does all of your marketing stuff have Santa Claus dressed in like, a swimsuit?" she asked.   

"Kind of, most of the Christmas stuff is kind of winter-themed because Christmas is a Christian holiday that originates from European cultures and New Zealand was colonised by Britain, so we get a lot of the white Christmas-centred things," the Kiwi explained.  

The video prompted hilarious reactions from many.  

"The American education system concerns me sometimes," one person said. 

"This girl completely forgot that another hemisphere exists wait until she finds out it's not just AU and NZ but literally half the world," another commented. 

A third person said, "Wait until she finds out about timezones and that we are actually in the future as well."