Music to your eyes: LG's InstaView™ MoodUP® Fridge grooves and flexes with you

  • 25/09/2023
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Since her earliest years, music has had a profound impact on Christchurch singer-songwriter Rachel Hamilton's life.

Now better known by her stage name Bridges, music has carried the indie-pop starlet through tough times like the 2011 earthquake and the typical challenges of adolescence, helped her process complicated emotions, and enabled her to connect with others.

"Music is just really, really powerful. It's always been the thing that's comforted me and taught me about what I'm feeling," said Rachel.

"It has such an amazing power to put you in an emotional state - happy, sad, nostalgic, or whatever it is you feel about your life at that moment. It can transport you to a different state of being."

One of Rachel's favourite places to listen to music is the kitchen. She uses different songs to set the mood for the day - to pump her up while she makes her morning coffee, or soften the atmosphere as she cooks dinner.

Now, having recently become the owner of a new LG InstaView French Door fridge with MoodUP LED colour panels, she has more masterful control than ever over the tone she's setting in her kitchen.

LG French Door Fridge with MoodUP® LED Door Panels.
Photo credit: LG

The MoodUP fridge isn't the first with the game-changing InstaView feature allowing you to look at what's inside simply by knocking twice on the glass door.

But the advantages this MoodUP fridge brings to the lives of audiophiles like Rachel is what really sets it apart from other models.

First and foremost, it has built-in Bluetooth* speakers, which allow her to play the tracks she loves whenever she wants.

While the MoodUP fridge comes with an extensive collection of songs already loaded on, Rachel can connect her devices to the speakers via Bluetooth to play the music that inspires her songwriting and fits the mood she's trying to create.

"When I'm going to start writing a song, I usually have the lyrics down already, but I might pop on some music that's kind of the direction that I want to sonically take the song," she said.

"I'm really about how music makes me feel, so to get into the right headspace it's awesome to have something like this to get the juices flowing."

Beyond just playing music, the MoodUP fridge comes with a Party Mode feature activated using the LG ThinQ** app which is designed to transform music-listening into a multi-sensory experience through changeable coloured LED panels, translating the emotional quality of the music into a visual spectacle.

LG Mood-Up fridge.
Photo credit: LG

Boasting up to 170,000 different colour combinations, the panels can be programmed via ThinQ to change appearance based on the music that's playing. Using the fridge's 'Bounce' setting via the Party Mode feature, the colours on the three panels will pulse and change with every note, while the 'Flow' setting via the Party Mode feature sees it respond to the music in a gentler motion.

"It's wicked," said an enthusiastic Rachel. "It's really helpful to match the physical atmosphere using the LED panels, and double-down on finding that emotional space to get the inspiration to go and write a song.

"Having something like this built into my environment is awesome - it's integrated into my world. What a wild innovation in technology to be able to have that level of control over your indoor space."

As a member of LG Objet family of products, the MoodUP fridge is a sleek and beautiful appliance created with a design-savvy buyer front of mind.

As well as changing with the rhythm of the music the LED panels on the matte-finish French doors mean customers no longer have to settle for variations of black, white and silver when choosing a fridge.

With the MoodUP fridge, you get greater control over the aesthetics of your kitchen because you can choose the exact colours you want with the touch of a compatible smartphone, allowing you to complement your mood, your music, the weather or your kitchen cabinetry.

"Lighting has such a massive impact on me, and so the versatility of being able to change those lights so quickly through an app is incredible," said Rachel.

The MoodUP fridge is a generous 617 litres and has other exciting, high-spec features. One of its most useful is the InstaView function, which enables you to check how well-stocked your fridge is by simply knocking twice on the glass panel.

MoodUP fridge from LG.
Photo credit: LG

This stops you from needing to open the door every time you're looking for something to eat or checking on ingredients, which keeps your food fresher for longer by preventing cold air from escaping. This feature is complemented by Surround Cooling, which cools food from both the back and the front of the fridge.

The MoodUP is fully integrated with LG's ThinQ app, meaning you can customise your fridge's colour display, music and lighting from your compatible smartphone. You can even set it up to receive notifications, which is handy if you're someone who makes a habit of leaving the fridge door open by accident.

On the inside there are deep baskets that make organisation easy, a retractable shelf that gives you greater flexibility if you're trying to make room for taller products, vegetable boxes, and cleverly hidden compartments for regular-use products like cheese and butter.

Made from tempered glass, the shelves have a lip on them to catch and contain spills, and the fridge has a Pure N Fresh™ carbon air filtration system that helps to remove odours.

This is a fridge that emphasises style but doesn't skimp on functionality - and for music lovers like Rachel, it's an appliance that transforms the experience of listening to a song into a multi-sensory experience that seamlessly blends sound and colour.

*Compatible with devices with Bluetooth version 5.0.

**LG ThinQ® app available on compatible Android or iOS smartphones. Phone and Home.

Wi-Fi Data connection and product registration with LG ThinQ® required. Visit for features, system compatibility and service availability which may vary by country and model.

Article created in partnership with LG.