Widespread praise for Manurewa Intermediate teachers for talent show dance

Teachers at a south Auckland intermediate school are being praised for their talent show dance. 

Teachers at Manurewa Intermediate went above and beyond for their students with their choreographed dance for 'Rewa’s Got Talent Finals 2023'.   

Footage of the dance was shared to TikTok over the weekend and has since been viewed over 41,000 times, with more than 7000 comments.  

Social media viewers were in awe of the teachers and their dedication, with one person saying it was the "best staff performance ever".  

Another person said, "When millennials become teachers" while a third said it was the "best 4mins of my morning".  

"I bet not many schools would have staff that would put this much together for students. Well done," another person commented.  

"The time, the effort, the participation, all for the kids," another commented.  

Three teachers from Manurewa Intermediate appeared on AM on Tuesday to talk about the performance with deputy principal Junior Peilua saying the kids "absolutely love it".  

"They love when our teachers live our vision statement, which is to be risk takers and I think for us to do that, for the kids shows that, you know what, I can do exactly what our teachers are doing," Peilua said.  

"We want to do that. We want to show we are capable of what we get our students to do. I think that was important for them to see that, so they'll absolutely loved it."  

Associate principal Ross Devereux told AM he started learning the dance before turning his attention to filming and editing it so it could go on the school's social media pages.  

"It's also great to have so many phones around that film it and throw it up on all the social media platforms. We love the exposure, it's great," Devereux said.  

Manurewa Intermediate teacher Iavana Seulala told AM the performance is important as it shows the students that the teachers are also risk takers even if they're a bit "unco". 

Even more impressive is the fact the teachers learned and choreographed the dance in just under a week.  

"Usually the previous years we probably had like two weeks but because we've been so busy at school with the different language weeks and stuff, we only had one week to put that all together," Seulala said.  

"So credit to all the teachers at MI (Manurewa Intermediate) because that wasn't an easy job but they got it done."

Watch the dance and the full interview with Iavana Seulala, Junior Peilua and Ross Devereux in the video above.