Election 2023: What is an election, who are the political leaders - and how old is Winston Peters? Kiwi kids share their thoughts

With the election nigh upon us, political leaders have been answering (or avoiding) the tough questions in a bid to secure our support: but as New Zealanders watch the debates, read up on policies and cast their votes, our littlest Kiwis are watching on with intrigue - or total indifference.

So, what happens when you put our youngest generation in the hot seat? Jono and Ben decided to find out, interviewing a series of little Kiwis on The Project to get their thoughts on the upcoming election - with some surprising results.

Among the revelations? Jono and the Opposition's Chris Luxon kind of look alike, and Winston Peters is apparently "10,000" years old. Plus, if you've ever wondered what ACT stands for, it obviously means they're all actors - according to seven-year-old Baeden, at least.

From a lot of laughs to Luxon lookalikes and "the best life", here's what the youngest generation has to say about New Zealand politics.

Watch the video above.