Explainer: What exactly is menopause?

Menopause is when women stop menstruating and is caused by a gradual decrease in the hormone oestrogen in the body.

The average age of menopause is 51.  

But the build-up to menopause - which is called perimenopause – is when most people start to experience symptoms.   

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New global data says the average woman goes through this for more than seven (7.4) years.  

Then, there's post-menopause. This can take up to a year while the symptoms stabilise.  

So, women spend basically a decade of their lives dealing with symptoms of menopause.  

And the symptoms are serious. They're much more than hot flushes: there's anxiety, lack of confidence, weight gain, cravings, reduced sex drive, sleep problems, night sweats, fatigue, palpitations, low mood, and memory problems.  

This year a groundbreaking new study of more than 4000 women by menopause advocate Dr Linda Dear gave an incredible insight into what Kiwi women are going through.

Watch the video above.

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