Fruit and veg expert reveals the best tomatoes to use in your sandwiches, BLTs and burgers

Have you ever wondered what tomato is best for your mid-morning cheese-and-tom on toast? According to an expert, there is a variety of the humble fruit that makes the ideal topping or sandwich filling - no one wants a soggy sarnie, after all.   

Speaking on AM on Tuesday morning, fruit and vegetable marketer Glenn Forsyth revealed that the aptly named 'sandwich tomato' is arguably the best for your BLT as it cuts dry, as opposed to leaking juices all over your bread.   

"The thing about tomatoes, when I'm making sandwiches for the kids, they make the bread soggy - how do we avoid this?" AM's Laura Tupou asked Forsyth, to which he enthusiastically presented a pack of said sandwich tomatoes.   

"See how it cuts dry?" he said, holding a slice of the tomato aloft before placing it on a piece of paper to demonstrate the lack of liquid.  

"What a trick - did you know about that?" co-host Ryan Bridge asked Tupou, to which she replied, "No!"  

"A reminder, keep all tomatoes out of the fridge - in the pantry or in the fruit bowl," Forsyth added.  

The brand of tomato in question is Beekist, a local grower and supplier that offers a range of tomato varieties that have been naturally pollinated by bees. According to its website, the sandwich tomato is vine-ripened and a deep red colour, with a solid meaty centre and less water content than other types - making them ideal for sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.   

Other online resources recommend beefsteak tomatoes for sandwiches due to their meaty texture and thick, solid structure, making them easier to slice and dice. Heirloom and Campari tomatoes are other popular choices for bready dishes due to their rich and sweet flavour, which makes them ideal for consuming raw.  

Watch the video above.