Internet reacts in disgust at Sir John Key's election party blue sausages

  • 16/10/2023

There's been a lot of food featured in this year's election coverage, but former National Party Prime Minister Sir John Key's election party treat has left some on the internet pretty grossed out.   

Sir John's son Max Key shared an album on Instagram captioned: "What a better way to celebrate than a blue sausage party?"

The first picture shows Sir John wearing a blue shirt and holding a plate of three bright blue sausages, while the second picture features him holding a blue sausage inside a slice of bread that he'd taken a bite out of.   

Followers of Max have had a mixed reacted to the National-themed food, with one commenting, "Just wrong".

"Love the result but not convinced on the blue sausages," said a second.  

One even questioned the colour, claiming they were instead "borderline green".  

"Blue... looks friggen green to me," another echoed.  

One branded the sausages "absolutely ridiculous", while another seemed more concerned about the consequences of eating said blue sausages.  

"Enjoy the blue poos that will follow," they deadpanned.