Kim Kardashian's Skims releasing new bra with built-in nipples - and AM doesn't know how to feel about it

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian's shapewear empire Skims is set to release a new bra with built-in, faux nipples. Yes, you read that correctly.

Skims' latest drop, the Ultimate Push-Up Nipple Bra, was revealed to the world in a witty promotional skit late last week, with its launch date set quite aptly for Halloween.

In the video, a Skims-clad Kardashian is seen seated in her 50 Shades of Beige office, in which she announces: "The Earth's temperature is getting hotter and hotter. The sea levels are rising. The ice sheets are shrinking. And I'm not a scientist."

Turning to the camera, Kardashian throws a wry smile with a knowing twinkle in her eye. "But I do believe everyone can use their skillset to do their part. 

"That's why I'm introducing a brand-new bra with a built-in nipple - so no matter how hot it is, you'll always look cold."

Posing suggestively on her glass desk, Kardashian went on: "Some days are hard, but these nipples are harder. And unlike the icebergs - these aren't going anywhere."  

Touted as offering "perfect fullness with a built-in, faux nipple for shock factor", the product is a clear play on the #FreeTheNipple trend that's continued to gain traction over recent years: encouraging women to embrace their nips rather than be embarrassed by them, the way good old-fashioned society has taught us.

The shapewear brand is also donating 10 percent of all Ultimate Push-Up Nipple Bra sales as a one-time donation to One Percent for the Planet, an international network of businesses and organisations who contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes.

Addressing Skims' latest launch on AM on Tuesday, hosts Ryan Bridge, Melissa Chan-Green and Nicky Styris appeared utterly bamboozled by the built-in nipple concept, with Chan-Green suggesting: "Perhaps it's kind of trendy at the moment to have the 'no bra look'. If your [nipples] are down the bottom [of your breasts], you want to pretend they're up there?"  

Giggling, she went on: "My husband a little while ago did a pretend play punch on my tummy and goes, 'Oh, I didn't realise those were down there'.

"I've just had a second baby - yeah, they're down there."

Weighing in with the male perspective, Bridge mused: "This is an ignorant thing to say, but I thought it would be embarrassing if you had erect [nipples] all the time?"

"I think you generally want to cover them up," Chan-Green agreed, with both her and Bridge turning to Styris for her input.

"Why are you both looking at me?" she laughed, with Bridge quipping: "Well, I don't know, I'm assuming you've got them."

"Yes, I do, and they still generally point in the right direction," Styris hit back.

"I don't know, I guess [the bra] is sexy? I'm assuming that's the only reason they would develop something like that."

Watch the video above.