Paddy Gower Has Issues: Karen O'Leary investigates 10-year-old's heartbreaking blank Shrewsbury discovery

  • 18/10/2023

In one of the most dramatic issues Karen O'Leary has heard of yet, 10-year-old Amelia from Paraparaumu has shared her heartbreaking story of opening a packet of Shrewsburys - only to find a biscuit with no design on it.    

"No hole, no star, no love heart... It's just not a biscuit anymore," the distraught Amelia told Karen O'Leary.   

"What is it?" enquires O'Leary.    

"A disappointment," Amelia reveals.   

A determined Karen promises Amelia she will head to Griffin's and have this wrong made right.     

"We are going to get you a packet of Shrewsburys, if not $2 million," O'Leary promises.   

Karen enlists the help of Jon Duffy, CEO of Consumer NZ, to see what Amelia might be entitled to. After agreeing the whole point of the Shrewsbury is the design, Duffy explains the rights of a consumer in a case like this.    

"As a consumer, you have a right to a refund, or for the product to be repaired,"  he explains. 

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Karen heads to the Griffin's office to speak to the "chief biscuit" Cookie Bear. She demands an answer from the celebrity mascot, whose only response is a "dumpty doo", and is then passed on to Griffin's head of innovation, Tracey Seager.    

"I've not seen that before," Seager exclaims. "We sell about 1.8 million of those a year, that's the first time I've seen that... That should go in a museum."   

Seager takes O'Leary and Amelia on a tour of the factory floor where the Shrewsburys are made - and the exact location where the plain biscuit was created.     

At the end of the tour, Amelia does not get the $2 million compensation Karen hoped for, but she does get her own special packet of biscuits with the letter 'A' on them.      

Amelia seems happy with this outcome, exclaiming, "That was so amazing," before passing the boring biscuit that started this journey to a crew member to eat.    

Griffin's has agreed to create one extra bespoke Shrewsbury's packet to the winner of a TradeMe auction, with the money going to Women's Health Action to help women's health needs around the country.     

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