The fashion trends that people hate the most, according to Reddit

Composite of some of the hated trends against watercolour background: ugly sneakers, long denim skirt, butt-scrunch leggings, Cardi B's long nails, and Katie Holmes' mom jeans
The people of Reddit have spoken. Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Images - Getty Images, Glassons, Amazon

As the end of 2023 approaches, many of us will be taking a trip down memory lane to reflect on the months past. Some will look back on how they could have performed better in the workplace: others will take stock of their lifestyle and begin planning those health-and-wellness resolutions.

Then, there's those of us who are less concerned with self-improvement and more concerned with trivial matters, such as fashion trends - do you remember when Big Red Boots were a thing?

Thousands of likeminded individuas recently piped up on Reddit forum r/AskReddit to share their two cents on the not-so-good, the bad and the ugly trends they simply "can't stand".

The onslaught was prompted by u/ForbiddenCandyxx, who asked fellow Redditors: "What is the fashion trend that you can't stand but it seems normal for the rest of people?" At the time of writing, the post has been upvoted over 4000 times and has attracted more than 7700 responses.

And honestly, I'm mildly offended by several of them: primarily "fake eyelashes that make you look like you're two blinks away from flying off". What's it to you that I like wearing lashes that could be mistaken for Daddy-Longlegs?   

Here's a few of the most popular answers:  

  • That weird super-clean-cut beard/hair line look. Looks like someone cut their hair while thinking of how to calculate a hypotenuse. - u/silentuser2  
  • Cropped everything. - u/sunnysideup2323  
  • Eyebrows brushed upwards. So weird-looking. - u/Fanny08850  
  • Jeans with holes in them, especially those that pretty much show your entire leg and look like you are wearing rags. - u/Aruaz821
  • Too long fake nails. You do you, obviously, but God dammit I hate seeing those everywhere. How do you even function with two inches of clicky-clacky plastic on your fingers? Doesn't it make everything you do a 100x harder? Eating a sandwich? Driving a car? Getting your phone out of your purse? Tying your shoes? Holding a spoon? Turning a doorknob? Sneezing? - u/mr_impastabowl
Cardi B
Long acrylics a la Cardi B have got some backlash. Photo credit: Getty Images
  • High-waisted jeans. Makes me feel like I'm wearing a diaper... Even more infuriating are those bikini bottoms that go up over your hips and up your butt-crack. - u/Bandito21Dema  
  • Those stupid ass slides that look like prison shoes. - u/Visual_Big4671  
  • Mullets. - u/birdie_num-num  
  • Skintight [rompers]. I never saw anyone wear these until I moved to Florida, and people wear them all the time down here. Onesie bodysuits that look like singlets. They give instant camel toe. - u/MummyDust98
  • Hideous clunky trainers with really thick, misshapen soles. It's like they're as ugly as possible on purpose. - u/Sisstasia  
The 'ugly trainer' trend
The 'ugly trainer' trend has worn out its welcome, according to several Redditors. Photo credit: Amazon
  • Beige leggings. - u/DasderdlyD4  
  • I don't understand beanies as a fashion thing. If it's cold, then f**k yeah, beanies. But the height of summer, with half the thing hanging off the back of your head? I don't get it. - u/ExistentiallyBlue   
  • The literally 75 percent of summer dresses you can't wear any sort of bra with. - u/super_common_name
  • Back in my day having a wedgie was not a flex, that's all I'ma say about that. - u/superlitwriter
  • Leggings that have the scrunched-up crease into the butt-crack. It just looks like the outline of a weird butthole. - u/purble1   
Butt-scrunch leggings
Butt-scrunch leggings are not popular. Photo credit: Amazon
  • When a dude wears a suit or a nice pair of slacks that show their ankles and they're not wearing socks. It confuses me. - u/myash0926  
  • Crocs. I don't care if they're apparently comfy. Fashion-wise, a huge no. - u/crappypictures  
  • Putting lipstick over your cupid's bow... You aren't a Bratz doll. Also: over-lining lips and putting lipstick in the corners of your mouth, you look like the Joker. - u/Elistariel  
  • I will die before I wear anything low-rise ever again. - u/_FreakyFred
  • Long fake nails that end in a point. I keep thinking someone is going to lose an eye. - u/MsAnthropic
  • Long denim skirts. They're so trendy right now and I'm not sure why. Not flattering at all. - u/ZSJ_1234
Long denim skirt
Long denim skirts copped some heat. Photo credit: Glassons
  •  Men's dress slacks are too tight... Looks like their pants are too small. Also I'm not going sockless in my $250 loafers. They'd be ruined by sweat in a few outings. - u/GuruBushHippie  
  • Women's shirts with holes in the shoulders. Like, shoulder windows? I don't get it. I don't like it. - u/Zanzoken814  
  • That thing where people make their eyelashes look as unnatural as possible for everyday 'going about your business' purposes. It doesn't bother me, per se, I just think it's stupid. - u/MasterChicken52  
  • Those clear glass frames that look like safety glasses. - u/CliffBiffington  
  • Gucci belt with the gold Gs interlocking. You know the one I'm talking about. Instant urge to vomit when I see them in 2023. - u/grimreeeferr  

Responses have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.