Aussie woman sparks debate after sharing 'controversial' method for correctly making instant noodles

Screengrabs from Abbey O'Hagan's video
Photo credit: @abbey_ohagan / TikTok

While instant noodles are, you know, 'instant', there is apparently not a universally accepted method of making said noodles - according to social media, at least.   

Many of us would assume the instructions for an instant meal are fairly straightforward, even for the most amateur of cooks: but according to content creator Abbey O'Hagan, there is still a correct and incorrect way of making the quick-and-easy dish.    

The Australian woman sparked controversy after sharing a video to TikTok that branded those who drain the water from their two-minute noodles as "borderline psychopathic".

Detailing her preferred method, O'Hagan said she follows the instructions on the packet: adding the spices to the pot of noodles before pouring in the boiling water and allowing it to marinate for a few minutes.   

She then enjoys her noodles with the "beautiful, brothy water", she said, adding: "So many people drain all of the water out - which is borderline psychopathic. The water is all the goodness, it's the best part.

"Some people also put in all of the seasoning after," she went on, noting it "keeps her up at night" that so many noodle enthusiasts aren't getting the most from their packet meal.    

While many viewers agreed her method was "correct", it was not well-received by all, with others claiming that keeping the water only dulls the flavours of the dish.    

"Finally, someone said it! The broth is literally the best part, that's why I'm eating the noodles," one water supporter weighed in, with a second agreeing: "It's about putting the right amount of water in to cook the noodles to have a little concentrated broth left."   

"I always keep the water - it's like drinking yummy noodle juice, especially on a cold day," a third added. But the noodle nay-sayers were also out in force, with one arguing the correct method was to drain the water before adding the flavours.    

'I put the seasoning in before I put the water in, then I let it sit for a bit and drain the water out because I don't like my noodles being soggy," another countered.   

Others took to the comments to share their alternative methods, with several revealing they like adding butter to their drained and seasoned noodles. One even admitted adding butter and Vegemite.    

"I add so much string cheese - it's not everyone's cup of tea but I could honestly live off it," said another.

So, while top chefs debate the pros and cons of cooking techniques, cultural delicacies and why traditional Italian pasta shouldn't be paired with chicken, here we are talking about how to make instant noodles. Ah, the internet.