Cost of living: Australian pub-goer outraged over $16 bowl of chips

  • 09/11/2023
The bowl of hot chips.
A pubgoer in Sydney was furious after paying AU$16 for a bowl of hot chips. Photo credit: Reddit

The price of a usually inexpensive foodie favourite, a bowl of hot chips, has outraged a Sydney pubgoer.

The customer took his complaint to Reddit, revealing he paid AU$16.10 (NZ$17.40) for a bowl of hot chips that frankly, did not look the part - with no sauce seemingly included.

"No sauce, yes on a Sunday, but what has happened?" the man wondered, acknowledging a weekend surcharge may have inflated the cost of the chips.

The patron found some support online, with users agreeing the chips were too expensive.

"Ahh McCain, you've been scammed again," one commented, referring to the frozen food company.

Others weren't so empathetic, with another telling the man to "stop buying something if you feel it's overpriced".

Over the Tasman, the cost of potatoes rose 48 percent in the past 12 months - with Kiwi chip shops telling Stuff that supplier costs had also risen by 10 percent on our shores.

The cost of staying fed in general has been skyrocketing for Australians and New Zealanders alike. Leading the price rise in Australia is dairy products, jumping 15.2 percent in the past year, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' June 2023 inflation report.

In New Zealand, grocery food prices increased 10.7 percent from September 2022 to September 2023, said Stats NZ's latest Food Price Index.