Irish woman accidentally buys cocktail worth almost $4000 from five-star hotel in London

On a visit to London, a woman accidentally bought a cocktail for almost $4000.
On a visit to London, a woman accidentally bought a cocktail for almost $4000. Photo credit: Smirnoff

An Irish woman who paid a visit to a fancy bar in London regrets her choice of drink after finding out it cost $4000.

Thinking it was only NZ$39, Lynsey Bennett ordered the cocktail containing a 30-year-old whisky, Cristal champagne and a sprinkle of gold leaf; only to discover it instead cost a whopping NZ$3895.

Bennett and her husband were visiting London when they decided to go to the theatre and, in her own words, got "a bit tipsy".

When they returned to their hotel, they decided to order a few more drinks, including the one worth thousands.

After finding out how expensive the cocktail was, her husband became so angry he promptly walked out, leaving his wife to take care of the situation, she said.

She explained everything to the bartender, including why she couldn't pay.

The bartender who was still new to the job panicked and called over the manager.

The manager was "wonderful and discreet", but she was so nervous about what had happened she avoided going back.

She finally ran into the manager on her last day in the city and, after apologising again, was told the bartender that had served her was fired.

Fortunately, he was joking.

After sharing her experience on TikTok, many people expressed their shock at the price Bennett was charged for the cocktail - with some calling it unreasonable.

"To be fair, it's an absolutely absurd price. It should be made clear as day on the menu, I'd say!!!" one person wrote.

"I would never have assumed a cocktail would cost that much," another said.

Others have questioned Bennett's choice of drink and why her husband left her to face the fallout alone.

"So, you ordered a whiskey-based cocktail, and you don't like whiskey. Bright idea, I would have left you to sort it out as well," said one person.

"Something is way off with this story husband did a runner. Sacked but not sacked," said another.  "Whiskey based but don't like whiskey. Someone finished off the champ."