Pals drops three new specialty RTDs - Classic Margarita, Chilli Margarita, and Gin Citrus Twist - in time for summer

New Pals launches against beach background with inset images of lime wedge and chillis
Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Image - Supplied

There's nothing quite like a spicy margarita when the sun comes out to play, but let's be real, not all of us want to make a chilli marg from scratch every time we have a taste for tequila.   

At times like these, we may want to reach into the fridge and grab a cold canned beverage for quick-and-easy convenience: and local RTD brand Pals has released a range of ready-to-drink margs, just in time for summer.   

The new drops include a Classic Margarita and Chilli Margarita, both crafted with Blanco tequila, triple sec, sea salt and Mexican lime in a bid to recreate that authentic taste. For the all-important kick a spicy marg is known and loved for, Pals has also added Habanero chilli to its recipe.  

Another new addition to the lineup is the Gin Citrus Twist, which combines triple-distilled botanical gin and the flavours of tangelo and zesty Sicilian lemon.

Pals' latest range comes hot on the heels of the October launch of 'The Beige One', a vodka soda infused with lime and pink guava - in a can that Kim Kardashian and her 50 Shades of Beige aesthetic would be proud of.  

The three new flavours mark a dramatic departure from Pals' signature pastel-hued packaging, with the cans instead sporting a chic cream and checkered colourway that reflects the brand's move into more specialty RTDs. Best known for its flavoured vodka sodas, Pals has previously dipped its toes into other spirits, coming out with a gin and soda and a whiskey and soda as well as several zero-alcohol options. However, the two margaritas mark its first foray into tequila.  

Classic Margarita, Chilli Margarita and Gin Citrus Twist
Pals has dropped a Classic Margarita, Chilli Margarita and Gin Citrus Twist, its second launch of the year. Photo credit: Supplied

"This truly is a great example of 'good things take time'. As a team, we place so much emphasis on quality, from both a brand and product perspective, and this range is no exception. There were opportunities for us to take short-cuts and get these products to market sooner but as a brand, we will always do things the hard way to ensure we are producing, what we believe to be, the best products possible," said Pals' co-founder and director Mat Croad.  

He added that the brand saw a gap in the market when it came to 'better for you' tequila and gin-based offerings, backed by demand for additional specialty flavours.  

"As it turns out, sourcing high-quality, authentic tequila is actually pretty challenging, which is why it took us so long to release the range. Plus, we genuinely go through dozens of rounds of samples when creating new flavours," fellow co-founder and director Nick Marshall added.  

As with other Pals' drinks, the new range contains all-natural flavours and is gluten-free, vegan and free of artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.  

If you can't get your hands on those, Jose Cuervo also does a ready-to-drink sparkling margarita: available in packs of four, the drop features authentic Jose Cuervo tequila and flavours of zesty lime and triple sec for a refreshing and clean, dry finish.  

The new Pals range will start to appear on shelves nationwide this week: the Classic Margarita and Gin Citrus Twist will also be available at the Rhythm & Vines festival and selected major entertainment venues across Aotearoa.