World Vegan Day: Krispy Kreme NZ launches two vegan-friendly doughnuts

Krispy Kreme vegan doughnuts
Photo credit: Supplied

Krispy Kreme is celebrating World Vegan Day with, you guessed it, vegan-friendly deliciousness - a first for the doughnut company and coffeehouse.

From Wednesday, November 1, plant-based Kiwis can enjoy a doughnut without the animal-derived ingredients, with Krispy Kreme launching two vegan-friendly flavours: the limited-edition Fudge Brownie Bliss and a new permanent fixture, Apple Custard Crumble.

So, what can Kiwi customers expect from the new additions? A spokesperson for Krispy Kreme told Newshub the limited-edition Fudge Brownie Bliss features a shell-shaped doughnut filled with brownie batter, dipped in chocolate icing and sprinkled with chocolate biscuit crumbs.

Alternatively, the Apple Custard Crumble combines a creamy filling of apple custard, a spiced icing and vanilla biscuit crumb. The flavour will become a full-time member of the Krispy Kreme line-up, meaning plant-based customers can always safely enjoy a sweet treat.  

"Krispy Kreme has always been about creating moments of joy through our delicious doughnuts. We're thrilled to bring our vegan-friendly doughnuts to New Zealand," said Aimee Cutajar, Krispy Kreme's ANZ head of marketing.  

"I'm confident they will captivate the tastebuds of vegans and non-vegans alike."  

Newshub was gifted samples of the two new flavours on Wednesday, and both went down a treat in the newsroom. However, the general feedback was that while delicious, the new flavours are very sweet - so if you're not such a sweet-tooth, perhaps half a doughnut will do the trick.   

The US chain arrived in Aotearoa in 2018, providing competition for rival doughnut-and-coffeehouse Dunkin Donuts, which first opened in Auckland in 2001, as well as Southern Maid.

The vegan-friendly options can be purchased online, at Krispy Kreme stores and select BP Connect service stations nationwide.