Aussie baby named Methamphetamine Rules has name legally changed

  • 12/12/2023
Kirsten Drysdale and "Meth Rules".
Kirsten Drysdale and "Meth Rules". Photo credit: A Current Affair / WTFAQ

An Australian baby who made headlines around the world for his outrageous name - 'Methamphetamine Rules' - has finally had his name legally changed. 

In September, the bizarre forename attracted widespread criticism - but now little 'Meth Rules' has a new, "normal" name. 

The baby's mother, reporter Kirsten Drysdale, revealed at the time that the alarming appellative for her newborn child was all in the name of journalism. She explained she had been investigating the legal guidelines and parameters around baby names in Australia and applied to register the name shortly after her son's birth, not expecting it to be accepted – but boy, was she wrong. 

According to the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, the name "slipped through" the cracks of the system - meaning Drysdale's son was officially called 'Methamphetamine Rules'. 

Now, four months later, her son legally has his new, "normal" name. 

"That name has been removed. It no longer is on his birth certificate," Drysdale told The Project Australia

However, the mum would not reveal the baby's new moniker. 

"He will not have to, for the rest of his life, answer 'Have you ever been known by any other name?'" she said.