Chips, Chippy and a lot of phallic-shaped foods: Trade Me's 2023 most viewed listings revealed

From former Prime Minister "Chippy's costume" to an actual chip, Trade Me's top listings this year were full of classic Kiwi humour. 

The website has revealed the top 10 listings Kiwis had their eyes on in 2023. 

Topping the list was a chip with a heart-shaped hole found by 10-year-old Bianca while she was tucking into a bag of ready salted Bluebird chips.  

Bianca listed the treasure on Trade Me to raise money for Starship. 

A huge 104,000 views later, Bianca raised $5000 for Starship and walked away with the title of Trade Me's most-viewed listing of 2023. 

In second place was a rock found near Ross Beach on the West Coast of the South Island. The rock had a natural lime deposit on it and was in the shape of New Zealand. 

The rock caught the attention of 82,000 Kiwi but no one hit the eye-watering $20,000 Buy Now price. 

Kiwis remained true to their classic sense of humour throughout the year.  

"The proof is in the pudding as the top ten listings featured, not one, not two, but four phallic-shaped foodstuffs," Trade Me spokesperson Tiana Barns said. 

"Without fail, every year we see at least one funky fruit or vege make our most viewed listings of the year. This just goes to show, Kiwi love to have a laugh at what mother nature can produce." 

In 2023, third on the list was a radish in the shape of the male reproductive system, gaining 58,000 views before raising $151 for the Auckland flood victims. 

An excited Kiwifruit came in fifth place with 52,000 views followed by a "shy carrot" that fetched 42,000, coming in eighth place and raising $160 for the Cancer Society.  

In 10th place was a "hot wee little prick" that raised money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. 

"Homegrown organic chilli, no hormones used and its bloody hot," the listing said. 

Former Prime Minister Chris Hipkins' iconic cap and sunnies look from a Newshub interview also made the list. 

The now famous "Chippy costume" that would give you the "cred to… become prime minister" went viral, clocking up 51,000 views. 

Trade Me's top listings of 2023: 

1 - Heart-shaped hole chip for Starship with 104,286 views, sold for $5000

Heart-shaped hole chip for Starship.
Heart-shaped hole chip for Starship. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

2 - New Zealand-shaped rock with 82,321 views, did not sell

New Zealand-shaped rock.
New Zealand-shaped rock. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

3 - Phallic-shaped radish with 58,708 views, sold for $151

Phallic-shaped radish.
Phallic-shaped radish. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

4 - Chris Hipkins' hat and sunnies with 51,117 views, sold for $1580 

Chris Hipkins hat and sunnies.
Chris Hipkins hat and sunnies. Photo credit: Newshub.

5 - Horny kiwifruit with 52,854 views, sold for $77

Horny kiwifruit.
Horny kiwifruit. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

6 - UPDWAH personalised number plate with 44,754 views, sold for $9350

UPDWAH personalised number plate.
UPDWAH personalised number plate. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

7 - Shy carrot with 41,798 views, sold for $160

Shy carrot.
Shy carrot. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

8 - Photograph of Allan with 40,931 views, sold for $2750 

Photograph of Allan.
Photograph of Allan. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

9 - Queenstown gondola with 29,680 views, sold for $5301 

Queenstown gondola.
Queenstown gondola. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me

10 - Hot wee prick with 25,752 views, sold for $155

Hot wee prick.
Hot wee prick. Photo credit: Supplied/Trade Me