Consumer NZ reveals the best sunscreens for Kiwis this summer

Consumer NZ has revealed which sunblock brands are the best for Kiwis this summer.
Consumer NZ has revealed which sunblock brands are the best for Kiwis this summer. Photo credit: Getty Images

There's one skincare product that every Kiwi should be applying during the hot summer period, and Consumer NZ has revealed exactly which sunscreen brands we should be reaching for. 

Whether you're heading to the beach, golf course, or a walk around the park, using sunscreen is a necessity when it comes to protecting your skin against harmful UV rays. 

Consumer NZ has launched a database on their website with information on 102 different sun protection products, including the price and SPF rating.

Each sunblock brand is in alphabetical order, allowing consumers the freedom to find their go-to product and see if it's a safe level of broad-spectrum protection, whether they are marked safe for children and if it's a spray, lotion or cream. 

New regulations under the Fair Trading Act 1986 mean that in New Zealand all primary sunscreens and insect repellents with an SPF of 4 or higher must be consistently and regularly tested to make sure they're effective. 

However, Consumer NZ research and test writer Belinda Castles warns that despite the new regulations, companies often rely on old testing information to meet the standards on their labels. 

"We don't think this is good enough for a product that needs to protect us from the sun's harmful UV rays," Castles said. 

Consumer NZ asked over 90 companies selling sunscreen how often and where their products are being tested, and 30 responded with up-to-date information. 

"Until now, it has been impossible for consumers to know when or where a product was tested," Castles added. 

"We have designed and created this database to give New Zealanders the information they want and need."