Get that summer feeling with some colour inspiration

  • 15/12/2023
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Resene summer colour inspiration.
Photo credit: Resene

Get that summer feeling

Whether you're looking to refresh your bach or just add a chic holiday vibe to your home that you can enjoy all year round, Kiwi favourite Resene is the go-to for relaxed getaway inspiration.

They've even made it into a paint colour - Resene Bach, a natural green that's all about chilled-out nostalgia.

From beachside to bush-adjacent, baches (or cribs if you're in the south) are our favourite unfussy places to escape to, and ensuring their interiors match the mood we're hoping to achieve from being in these spots will only serve to maximise the getaway feeling.

Our beloved baches are spaces where we can be carefree, playful and laidback. In interiors this translates into a more effortless approach to style, utilising organic and eclectic touches and lending endless opportunities to have fun experimenting with bolder colours or themes that we normally wouldn't use at our main home.

Before you start

"Holiday baches are often away from a main town/supplier, so make a list of things to do before you get started," said Resene colour expert Brenda Ngatai, who's currently saving up for "a little holiday hideaway" of her own.

"Check the condition of surfaces you're planning to paint and what you'll need to get them properly prepped, sort what size rollers and paint brushes you'll use and of course work out an estimation on the amount of paint you will need.

"Having these details all sorted will mean you're ready to go and can power through your project with minimal interruption and get back to what bach life is about more quickly!"

Paint up your summer bach.
Photo credit: Resene

As for the paint, fellow Resene pro Amy Watkin said: "When it comes to painting the interior look I would recommend Resene Spacecote Low Sheen for the walls and Resene Spacecote Flat for the ceiling".

"Both warm and cool palettes are popular for baches, it just depends on how much warm light the property gets," said Watkin.

"If it's a coastal bach that gets lots of light, the cooler palette with Resene Double Black White or Resene Quarter Iron are the tones to go for, or a paint colour with some depth to make sure you don't get too much reflection, such as Resene Quarter Tea. We have a family bach up north that gets a lot of light which we've recently painted in Resene Eighth Akaroa," said Watkin.

"If it's a bach that's surrounded by trees and needs light and warmth, look at Resene Rice Cake or Resene Half Sea Fog."

A cohesive vision

While bach life is a chance to cut loose, to still ensure a harmonious mood, opt for a single holiday-inspired vibe such as one of those below, and stick with it where possible across paint, papers, palettes, materials, furnishings and decor.

  • Life's a beach
    Dip into Resene Colorwood Whitewash and chalky whites like Resene Merino, along with faded beach glass blues and green-edged tussock/sand colours like Resene Slipstream and Resene Smoothie. Decorate with driftwood, shells, dried grasses, Cape Cod chairs and Breton stripes.
  • Go retro
    Update existing retro kitchens with colourful cabinetry and funky handles, kitsch art and objects, Crown Lynn china and old photos in frames. Retro-friendly colours to try include teals, mustards and oranges like Resene She'll Be Right, Resene Cleopatra and Resene Adrenalin - whether it's on walls or used to give new life to pre-loved furniture from the era.
  • Feeling nautical
    Batten the hatches with whitewashed floors and walls, sisal flooring, painted oars, marine-inspired tongue and groove, colourful canvas stripes, charts and maps, natural rattan and weathered/wooden surfaces. Try accents of navy and stormy blues like Resene Submerge and Resene Coast.
  • Surf's up
    Use primary accents (fresh yellows, reds and greens like Resene Chorus Line, Resene Poppy and Resene Away We Go) or on-trend soft sunset/tropical hues alongside surfboards, heavy duty materials such as cotton canvas and hessian, and framed artworks that capture the surfing spirit.
A classic Kiwi bach.
Photo credit: Resene

What's trending this summer?

Ngatai said when it comes to current interior trends for baches, "the cooler off-whites are still very big as the main theme colour".

"For accents, it's the more chilled out relaxed and restful colours, such as Resene Duck Egg Blue through to deeper earthy greens, such as Resene River Gum, Resene Paddock and the Karen Walker colour range - Resene Quarter Robin Egg Blue, Resene Periglacial Blue and Resene Foggy Grey.

"If the bach is coastal, it's often colour choices that reflect that look, such as Resene Morning Haze, Resene Upside and Resene Watermark, likewise for holiday homes that are closer to bush, so there colour choices that have a green undertone such as Resene Ash, Resene Thor, Resene Infused and Resene Innocence."

For those looking for an alternative to more traditional tones, Ngatai said another popular palette this season covers "burnt dusty terracottas such as Resene Tuscany, dusky terracotta pinks such as Resene Soiree and soft, calm dusky beiges such as Resene Tua Tua".

Article created in partnership with Resene.