Man confronts parents for letting kid blast Bluey on iPad at fancy restaurant

A man in Australia is being praised for confronting a family who gave their child an iPad to watch on the loudest volume at a fine dining restaurant. 

The man shared his frustration on social media site Reddit, saying his dinner date with his wife was ruined. 

"I went to a dinner at Hatted restaurant in the city, sitting down for a lovely date night with my wife and the next thing you hear is f*****g bluey," the man said on Reddit.  

"First off, I dont think you should be taking kids to fine dining establishments. It's a bit silly to come to a place where the starters are 60 bucks and expect them to have kids' items."  

The man said he complained to both the parents and the restaurant, claiming upmarket venues should only be for adults.  

"Hire a babysitter or go to a family restaurant; that's why they exist," the man said.  

"I walked over and asked them to turn it off if they could please, as why should we have to listen to their kids 'babysitter,' as I called it, and they went off, that they booked this dinner long in advance." 

But the man hit back at the family saying, "So you had weeks to sort out someone to watch your kid?" 

He added he "loves his kids to death" but feels sometimes he "just wants to have a night out with adults". 

He questioned if he was an "asshole" for telling the parents to turn the tablet off.  

People were quick to give their opinion with just under 800 comments on the post in two days. 

Many people defend the man saying he did the right thing.  

"Not the asshole but also the restaurant should have stepped in and asked them to use headphones or at least reduce the volume to something reasonable," one person said.  

"The hero, not the a**hole, in my view!" another claimed.  

A third said: "You're in the right in that there is no excuse to play sounds out loud in public, no matter who or where. I also think iPads at the dinner table is s****y parenting, but that's beside the point."