Owner of Patches the cat who used to weigh 18kg shares weight loss update

Patches the cat's weight loss journey has captured the hearts of people around the world and he and his adopted owner, Kay Ford, joined AM to share an update on his progress.   

Earlier in the year, Patches was surrendered to the Richmond Animal Care and Control Shelter in Virginia, US, weighing 18.3 kilograms, more four times the recommended weight for a cat.   

He was then adopted by Ford, who has put him on a strict diet to try get him to a healthier weight.   

Confronted by the big cat, AM co-host Ryan Bridge couldn't help but say: "I don't want to be rude, but has he put on weight?"  

"This is why I absolutely love being on your show, you just make me laugh so much," Ford giggled.  

"Don't worry, Patches is incredibly confident, so anything you say won't disturb him."  

Ford revealed the feline has actually lost around 10 pounds, about 4.5kg.  

"Yet he's still a pretty girthy boy," Ford said.   

She said the main weight loss strategy has been to watch Patches' calorie intake like a hawk.   

"I make sure that I don't feed him any more, not even a smidgen, not even one kibble more, than the max amount of calories that he can have in a day," she explained.   

She also credited his sibling Wellesley for his weight loss success.

"They play all the time now, he just has so much energy, and that burns a lot of calories too."  

Co-host Melissa Chan-Green then asked whether the weight loss has positively impacted Patches' mobility.

"There is nothing he can't do," Ford replied. "He's up and down the stairs, jumping on the sofa and the ottoman, and he even got up on the dining room table."  

This was, however, with help of a chair.   

"Getting up on the dining room table isn't going to help with the weight loss though, is it?" Chan-Green joked.   

Bridge then asked whether Patches seemed happier since losing some weight.  

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much happier he is," Ford said. "He is such a happier cat, I like to tell people that when I knew he had actually [progressed] was when I saw that he actually has a neck.  

"It's just amazing, I'm so proud of him, I really am," she said.

You can continue to follow Patches' journey on his Instagram.