TV show Australian Epic show divides opinion with 'Why New Zealand is better than Australia' video

The age-old debate about whether New Zealand is better than Australia has reared its head again with a new music video leaving people divided.  

ABC's Australian Epic, which is a comedy, musical documentary series, released a music video on its social media pages titled, "Why New Zealand is better than Australia".   

The video features lyrics such as, "It's basically just like Australia, Australia but with a heart" and even takes a positive spin on the brain drain facing New Zealand with the lyric, "All the local Kiwis leave, so we've got space in spades".  

Despite crime being a common topic in the news over the last 12 months, the song says New Zealand is "so chilled-out" where "no one looks like they will mug me".   

However, not everyone agrees with the music video's stance that New Zealand is better than Australia.   

Thousands of people have been quick to comment on the video, with many people questioning if New Zealand is better, why have so many Kiwis shifted across the ditch.   

"Why have 15 percent of the New Zealand population moved to Australia," one person questioned.  

"Australia is clearly better as they all ditch NZ if they can," another person commented.  

"I've lived in both and trust me, Australia is much better than NZ, nicer people much more to see and do, much more choice of everything from fashion to food. Just better on every level," a third person said.   

But some people were in agreeance that New Zealand is better than Australia - pointing to the wildlife across the ditch.  

"I'll give NZ one thing, no bloody least you can drive at dawn or dusk without having one of those stupid things jumping into your car," one person said.   

"This is brilliant! And can confirm, NZ is nicer than Aus," another person wrote. 

A third person wrote, "And no animals that want to kill you because you exist".