Whittaker's launching limited-edition hot cross bun chocolate in time for Easter

Whittaker's Choc Cross Bun Chocolate
"Definitely going to end up in my shopping trolley." Photo credit: Supplied

Chocolate hot cross buns are one thing, but Whittaker's is now turning the Easter treat on its head; lacing its milk chocolate with all the delicious flavours of the humble bun for a fresh take on a classic combo.  

The limited-edition Choc Cross Bun Block will feature the Porirua chocolatier's famous 33 percent Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate with ingredients inspired by the HCB, including mixed spice, raisins and orange oil.  

The yet-to-be-released Easter confection could be an easy treat to gift to a loved one or share with friends, family or colleagues, said Whittaker's chief marketing officer, Soraya Cottin.  

"As a block, it's perfect for Easter hosting at home, a morning tea at work, or an easy Easter treat to send to loved ones wherever they are," Cottin said. "As a limited-edition product, it'll only be available until stocks run out." 

The Choc Cross Bun 250g Block will be available in stores nationwide from Monday, February 5, only while stocks last, she added.  

Whittaker's Choc Cross Bun Chocolate
Photo credit: Supplied

The chocolatier announced the latest addition to its lineup on its social media on Wednesday, sparking widespread excitement among Kiwi sweet-tooths.  

"Yummy, mouth's watering already," one commented on the announcement, with another adding: "Oh wow! Sounds so yummy... definitely going to end up in my shopping trolley."

"Love that it has orange, will definitely try it for Easter," said a third, while a fourth declared: "Sounds delicious, can't wait."

The new chocolate in a supermarket in Australia
However, some fans were outraged to discover that the new flavour has already been released in Australia - before New Zealand. Photo credit: Facebook / Megan Bowyer

The new flavour has already launched in Australia - much to some fans' chagrin - with stock being sent across the ditch at an earlier date due to the lengthier distribution and rollout times, a Whittaker's spokesperson clarified on Facebook.

Despite some anger at Aussies getting their mitts on the new flavour first, the general consensus appears to be that Whittaker's has another hit on their hands.