Why US website is calling Whittaker's one of the worst chocolates

  • 14/01/2024

Whittaker's has been branded one of the worst chocolates by a US website, but it's not for the reason you might be expecting.   

Taste-testers from the popular US food and drink website Tasting Table rounded up 25 chocolate brands with the end goal of ranking them from worst to best.  

Tasting Table ranked New Zealand's Whittaker's chocolate 24th – with only Esthechoc being ranked lower in last place.    

The website said the reason Whittaker's placed so low on the list was due to the price.  

"Like most things, though, high-quality chocolate does not come cheap. Whittaker's is known for being a high-end candy brand, one that's often imported - another reason why it costs more to purchase," Tasting Table said.   

Why US website is calling Whittaker's one of the worst chocolates
Photo credit: Twitter

But while the website might've been critical of the cost, it was lavish in its praise of the taste.   

"The taste is worth the price if you can swing it," Tasting Table said. "The only reason Whittaker's landed lower on our list is due to the shipping price for consumers outside of Australia or New Zealand."  

A number of big-brand chocolates ranked ahead of Whittaker's, including Cadbury, Nestlé, Mars, Hershey's, Lindt and Lake Champlain Chocolates, which took out the top spot.   

The Kiwi favourite doesn't appear to be widely sold in the US. One block can be bought and delivered to the US by online retailer Kiwi Corner Dairy for a whopping $51, however savings can be made if you buy in bulk.

Predictably, another site called Treats from Oz, which specialises in exporting Aussie treats, is also selling it.

The article was shared on the social media site Reddit on the r/newzealand forum and sparked uproar among Kiwis.   

"I haven't tested all of the brands in that list, but for my money, Whittaker's is top four," one person commented.   

"All you need to know about North Americans," another added.  

A third person said: "This insult can not stand! Time to declare war on the USA!"

Tasting Table's full chocolate ranking list: 

  1. Lake Champlain Chocolates  
  2. Raaka Chocolate  
  3. Hu Kitchen  
  4. La Maison du Chocolat  
  5. Ghirardelli  
  6. Theo Chocolate  
  7. Lindt  
  8. Godiva  
  9. Tony's Chocolonely  
  10. Hershey's  
  11. Toblerone  
  12. Jacques Genin  
  13. Milka  
  14. Guylian  
  15. Mars  
  16. Kinder  
  17. Scharffen Berger  
  18. Duc d'O  
  19. Ritter Sport  
  20. Cadbury  
  21. Dove  
  22. Nestlé  
  23. Russell Stover  
  24. Whittaker's  
  25. Esthechoc.