Famous UK Salt Bae restaurant forced to cut heating amid spike in energy costs

Salt Bae split-screen
The restaurant is known for its exquisite and expensive meat cuts. Photo credit: @nusr_et / @foodporn / TikTok

A famous UK restaurant which charges more than NZ$1400 for a steak has been forced to cut their heating amid soaring energy costs. 

London-based Nursr-Et Steakhouse was founded by Turkish butcher Nusret Gökçe, also known as 'Salt Bae', and is known for serving up expensive dishes.

Gökçe, a social media icon, has almost 54 million followers on Instagram and is known for his viral steak-salting videos.  

The steakhouse has reportedly seen customers such as David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio and has a menu of lavish cuts of meat, such as NZ$1400 wagyu striploin or NZ$1290 giant tomahawk steak. 

However, the Knightsbridge restaurant has reportedly decided to cut their heating in efforts to reduce its costs, despite rising profits.   

According to The Guardian, the restaurant's owners received dividends of NZ$5.7 million, up from NZ$5.1 million the previous year.  

The company said pre-tax profits rose 44 percent to almost £3.3 million (NZ$6.7 million) in 2022 as sales increased by almost 66 percent to £13.6 million (NZ$27.8 million) in accounts filed this week, the outlet reported. 

In its accounts, the company said it had "sought to improve energy efficiency at an operational level".  

Efforts to reduce costs included "turning off central heating after closing or during peak hours when heating demand is lower" and turning off lights during closing hours.   

The restaurant, which opened its doors in September  2021, has already made moves to cut its prices in recent years, including taking their signature gold-covered steak off their menu amid the cost of living crisis.

A number of UK businesses have struggled with rising bills and operational issues following COVID-19 and Brexit.