How Samsung's Galaxy AI can supercharge your productivity

  • 16/02/2024
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Magic photo editor on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI.
Photo credit: supplied/Samsung

Over the past few years we have started to hear more and more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it's rapidly started impacting on our everyday life.

But AI isn't all just ChatGPT writing essays for school students and gimmickry. Increasingly, AI tools are being developed that will enhance our daily lives, taking care of previously laborious tasks and saving us plenty of time.

Thanks to how exceedingly powerful tiny modern computer chips are, we can harness the extraordinary power of AI in devices we carry around in our pocket or handbag, even when they're not connected to the internet. And despite how sophisticated the tools are, we don't have to pay extra for them - they come included on the device.

That's the case with Samsung's Galaxy AI, which is released in New Zealand with the Galaxy S24 range of mobile phones this week.

Among the AI features are a suite of tools designed to supercharge your productivity - below is a rundown on just how they do that:

Chat Assist

When we're using text to communicate with someone - especially a colleague or client we don't chat with in person often - it's easy to send the wrong message by accidentally using the wrong tone. We may seem passive-aggressive, or by trying to be friendly appear too casual. This sort of thing can be especially troublesome with someone like a new boss. Chat Assist in Samsung Keyboard chooses the right tone for your situation, giving you context-aware suggestions for how to get the wording spot on. If you want to post something on social media, it can even auto-generate appropriate hashtags and will also auto-translate any message into another language if you want it to.

Transcript Assist on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI.
Transcript Assist on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI. Photo credit: supplied/Samsung

Transcript Assist

If your occupation includes a lot of meetings or interviews this tool could be a real gamechanger. Not only does it turn speech audio into text - complete with sections separated by individual speakers - but that text can be taken into Samsung Notes and auto-summarised as bullet-pointed lists under pertinent headings. You can also then auto-format your transcript or summary, translate it into other languages, share it with colleagues and conduct other useful actions, all with free on-device software.

Browsing Assist

This handy feature turns long, detailed articles into succinct summaries. It's part of the Samsung Internet app and is designed to save time as well as make perusing the internet more convenient. As with the above features, the on-device AI-generated summaries this creates can be easily translated into other languages and shared.

Note Assist

With our mobile phones, like our computers, it's easy to fill them up with a frightful amount of clutter. The relevant resources you need for a project may be scattered across lengthy emails, even lengthier articles, PDFs and other files; but with this feature you can generate, read and save abridged versions of all your materials with just a few taps, turning all that digital clutter into a well-structured archive. You can also file away your notes with useful covers that show a brief description, making them much easier to find and reference later.

Browse Assist on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI.
Browse Assist on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI. Photo credit: supplied/Samsung

Those are four AI tools included on the new Galaxy S24 range that can supercharge your productivity, but there is a lot more to them than that. If you get the Ultra model, you'll also get the S Pen, which unlocks a lot more potential including signing documents and more precise photo editing.

The Galaxy S24 range also boasts an upgraded battery optimised to last longer, meaning one less thing to worry about during a workday when you may be away from a charger for several hours.

Samsung's smartphones have helped with people's productivity for decades, but Galaxy AI has blasted it to a whole new level that will save a lot of us many, many precious hours of time.

Article created in partnership with Samsung