Dunedin's beloved Rob Roy Dairy, known for its big ice cream scoops, up for sale

Rob Roy Dairy ice cream parlour
Rob Roy Dairy is known for its ice cream parlour - and big scoops. Photo credit: Rob Roy Dairy / Facebook via RNZ

From RNZ Nights

One of Dunedin's most iconic dairies in the heart of the city is on the market.

The Rob Roy dairy - famous for its enormous ice creams - sits on the corner of the city's main street, George Street, and the University precinct.

Liz Watson has run the shop for 16 years but is selling up and looking for a new owner to keep the beloved dairy in tip-top condition. 

Watson told RNZ Nights the dairy's giant ice creams were already a tradition when she took over the store.

"I decided I had to keep that going, because it keeps the people coming in."

She said the dairy's main clients were the city's students, with many also working there during its 7am to 10pm opening hours.

But Watson said after years of those long hours, it was "time to give someone else a go". 

"There's a place for it in Dunedin, people recognise it. It's just an ideal time for someone to come in with a bit more energy, maybe.  

"And there are things they can do to enhance it and put their own stamp on it, but the basic idea works, and it's successful, so don't change it."