Hop to Easter DIY with Resene

  • 21/03/2024
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Hop to Easter DIY with Resene
Photo credit: Resene

Ensure you earn that extra hot cross bun this Easter break by taking on that home project you’ve been meaning to get to all summer, whatever the weather.

With the temperatures finally cooling and a whole handful of days off to work with, Easter is the perfect time to tackle your DIY, whether indoors or out - just check the weather report before making plans.

“If we are lucky enough to have nice weather, it’s the perfect time to clean paving, paths and outdoor areas, keeping them moss free over winter,” says Resene expert Jackie Nicholls.

“Simply spray or brush Resene Deep Clean onto these surfaces, leaving them to weather naturally. It is available in a handy 2.5L container, complete with a spray applicator attached, no scrubbing needed. Autumn is a great time to do this, leaving it looking clean and maintenance free over winter.”

Do your homework

Heading inside, “kids will have settled into the new school year, so how about creating a purposeful area for studies and homework,” suggests Jackie.

“Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint is a clear coat that can go over your Resene wall colour, creating a hard-wearing finish suitable for whiteboard markers. Great for planning projects and brainstorming ideas.  

Alternatively, Resene FX Magnetic Magic can be applied easily, with a brush or ‘nook and cranny’ roller, to create a magnetic effect area.

“Overcoat with any colour or even Resene FX Blackboard Paint and have fun attaching artwork with magnetic strips on the back or other magnets,” says Jackie.

Freshen up

In between nibbles of your chocolate haul, a fast and fun way to refresh any room is via a quick furniture makeover.

Jackie suggests thinking outside the square: such as colour dips on the legs of chairs, a mixture of painted and varnished surfaces or even Resene Colorwood Whitewash, which can be applied over bare timber, plywood or varnished surfaces.

“The colour of the surface underneath will show through so always try a test patch first,” she advises.

Colour update

Moving into a new season and settling into the year, what colours/palettes are trending?

“The trend of moody, more natural colours is still strong,” says Jackie. “Colours that are a bit less saturated and more complex are restful and mix and match more easily.”  Try hues like soothing green Resene Eau De Nil or Resene Double Duck Egg Blue.

“You can just paint one accent wall or perhaps a corner, creating a focal point, but in some areas such as media rooms, embracing a beautiful colour in the whole room is cosier and more dramatic.”  Deep blues, such as Resene Coast, are a popular option for colour drenching a space without going for all black.

If having the Easter bunny visit puts you in a particularly bold colour mood, you can even look to your ceiling, says Jackie.

“There is no reason why a ceiling couldn’t be painted in an accent colour, especially if you have a vintage ceiling rose or stunning lighting to show off. This can look great in an entrance, hallway, powder room or reading room etc.”

For an on-trend take on this, or any current interior paint project, Jackie points to colours like Resene Savour, “a beautiful rusty red/brown”, Resene Tarzan, “an intriguing woody olive/green” or Resene Kia Kaha, which she describes as a soft smoky grey/brown.

Pro take

Even the pros are partial to a long weekend project, and Jackie is no exception this Easter.

“We have actually started cleaning down our house with Resene Paint Prep and Housewash, hoping to finish over the Easter break, and will give the garden a pre-winter trim,” she says.

“It’s good to keep greenery off your home and cleaning it properly will extend the life of the paint, removing grime and oxidation. It completely freshens the place up. Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful home!”

There are plenty of projects you can start and finish in one weekend.  Check out MasterStroke by Resene, www.masterstrokebyresene.com, for how to videos and visit your Resene ColorShop for expert advice and all the products you need for your project.

Article created in partnership with Resene.