How to decorate when you’re a mover and a shaker (or just a renter)

  • 08/03/2024
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How to decorate when you’re a mover and a shaker (or just a renter)
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While it’s always possible to take on every wall in the house with a fresh coat of paint in a new hue or for even more impact, deck the halls with luxurious wallpapers, these options may require a level of commitment you just might not have or feel for your current abode.

If you’re only planning to reside in your property for a short period of time, represent the renting contingency or just don’t want to commit to more permanent changes for whatever reason, Resene has all the solutions for simple, temporary yet still stylish ways to elevate or update your home.

Be a (semi-permanent) wall-flower

“There is actually a growing interest in murals at the moment and we can print any image onto wallpaper, which is very exciting,” says Resene Colour Expert Jackie Nicholls.

“Known as WallPrint, you can load any image and customise its size to fit your space. Images can be purchased online, or you can use a personal photo, if the resolution suits the size you want.

“Removable Resene wallpapers are also very popular and adapt easily to your changing circumstances. Being able to put them up easily is very appealing and the results are instant.”

Resene Colour Expert Meryl Southey says Resene testpots are also great for adding customised art to a wall in trending colours.

She also recommends considering ways to create major impact that don’t involve major paint jobs.

“Rentals and temporary dwellings are quite often painted in neutral tones, which makes it an ideal opportunity to add instant colour with an accent wall - landlords might be more open to one wall being painted, and it’s easier to return to its original colour if necessary rather than having to repaint an entire room,” says Meryl. Or you could buy yourself a large canvas, paint that in your favourite colours and hang it as an accent artwork that you can also take with you when you move house.

If you are considering papering just a wall or two, Jackie says Resene wallpapers are “developing in all directions, from textures to botanicals and quirky geometric patterns to suit all sorts of styles”.

“Resene also has the Mason range of papers that are hand-screen printed in Wellington and based on mid-century designs which can be custom-printed in your choice of Resene colours,” she says.

Colour me good

When you don’t have the luxury of long consideration periods, interior consultations or large space to paint or paper, it pays to make solid decisions when it comes to your choice of palette.

“Neutrals are moving away from stark and cold to warm and cosy, and have a bit of colour to them,” says Meryl.

For true colour lovers, Meryl says smaller projects are a great way to play with current trends, “such as olive greens like Resene Tic Tac Toe, peach and apricot tones such as Resene Tacao and New York Pink, refreshing blues like Resene Morning Glory, chocolate browns like Resene Dark Rum or lilacs such as Resene Alluring.”

Objectify your objects

“Renovating old furniture and op-shop finds is a great way to inject personality into a space,” says Jackie, “and of course you can take it with you if you move on. Think flexible storage such as crates stacked or baskets that can easily be painted to create your style inside or out.”

Jackie advises that furniture that can be used in different ways such as cubes for storage that can stack but also be put together to make a coffee table or seats could be very useful.

When it comes to decor, she recommends “building up layers for a homely look and adding colour in cushions, throws and painted accessories”.

Artwork leaning on ledge shelves looks stylish (“if you can get approval to hang a shelf”) and can be changed around without affecting the walls.

“If you like to pin up lots of pictures and bits and pieces, consider adding a drop of wallpaper (attached only at the top or clipped to something) that you can pin pictures too. A large sheet of painted custom wood or plywood could also be used to attach things too and can just lean against a wall.”

“Don’t forget any outdoor spaces which can be made more inviting with plants in wooden boxes or pots which are easy to paint or whitewash,” says Jackie.  When it’s dull outside in wintertime, a bright pop of colour on a planter might be just what you need to lift your spirits on a dreary day.

She notes that Resene ColorShop staff can help you make sure you get the correct primers and topcoats for your projects.

“Resene also has products such as Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint which can be painted on an office wall or in a kid’s room for writing on (with whiteboard markers),and FX Resene Blackboard Paint, great for kitchen notes, rosters and recipes. Probably a must-have for a flat!”

Get creative

Finally, for those looking to go outside the box, Meryl mentions Resene’s FX special effects range.

“This range has grown and offers the opportunity to inject personality and instant impact into a space - these effects are great for smaller objects and for up-styling furniture pieces.

“Resene FX Metallic paints will add instant glamour, Karen Walker Chalk Paint adds a vintage touch, while Resene FX Faux Rust Effect or Resene ConcreteWash brings a touch of industrial to a room, and Resene’s Colorwood We Speak Beach range of wash hues for interior timber brings the beauty of the beach indoors - consider these products for lamps, concrete pots, decor and furniture,” says Meryl.

Beyond just covering walls, Meryl points out that wallpaper delivers the opportunity to be creative and can add pattern and texture in unexpected ways.

“Think about papering impermanent items, such as shelving, the interior of display cabinets, or as art, or investigate dry strippable wallpaper, available from Resene ColorShops, as an accent, which can be easily removed later.

“Among our trending wallpapers are textured wallcoverings, in ‘Metallics’, ‘Novelty’ and ‘Florals’, which nod to Japanese culture.”

Meryl says these temporary solutions “accommodate all rather than a select few, and they allow you to test the waters with your creative flair and design preferences”.

If you need help choosing the Resene colours and wallpapers for projects big or small, visit your local Resene ColorShop, book a Resene Colour Consultation, or Ask a Resene Colour Expert free online,

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