A bumper crop of culinary delights and challenges as Nadia's Farm returns

A bumper crop of culinary delights and challenges as Nadia's Farm returns
Photo credit: My Food Bag

Celebrity cook Nadia Lim is back, working magic in the kitchen and on the land for a new season of Three and ThreeNow's hit show Nadia's Farm.

Proudly sponsored by My Food Bag, the show follows Nadia and her husband, Carlos Bagrie, as they strive to turn their 1,200-acre Royalburn Station in Central Otago into the region's top ethical food producer.

"I'm glad to say I think we have redeemed ourselves," Nadia tells us, last season's loss-making market garden looking healthier.

"This year, everything feels like it's on time. Everything is growing and thriving," with the focus now on "salad greens, fast growth, high turnover" crops.

However, season two brings plenty of challenges. Farm manager Michelle faces costly lamb feed shortages from failed paddocks. With inflation rising, costs are soaring, from fuel to food to seeds. Staying financially stable will be a challenge, not just for farms but for everyone.

It's a subject dear to My Food Bag, which sees supporting local businesses as crucial, especially with food prices on the rise. Since its start in 2013, My Food Bag has consistently used local meat and produce to ensure people receive high-quality, affordable meals.

As the couple embarks on more homegrown taste adventures, we can sample some of their favourite suppliers, with My Food Bag's 'Inspired by Nadia's Farm' menu helping us.

Meadow Mushrooms, Freedom Farms, LAuthentique Sausage, Lake Ohau Wagyu, Paneton Bakery, and Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs are just some of the brands featured by the leading food kit company. Caramelised leek and portobello mushroom pappardelle, pork and fennel meatball soup, and thyme and pumpkin tart with feta and figs are among the mouthwatering recipes.

Season two of Nadia's Farm certainly brings new mouths to feed. In episode one, we meet baby Arthur.

"Goats make awesome pets as long as you're up for a bit of mischief!" she laughs, explaining that her baby isn't yet due. "I would not be surprised if it decides to arrive right in the middle of harvest time!"

When Nadia, is around, there are always feasts. A new garlic crop emerges as "super high quality," prompting the My Food Bag co-founder to whip up a refreshing gazpacho soup. 

A bumper crop of culinary delights and challenges as Nadia's Farm returns
Photo credit: Nadia's Farm, episode 1

"I know that some people are going to be thinking that looks like vomit, but it tastes so good, I promise," she jokes of the vibrant pink blend. "Everyone who tries it is like, 'wow!'" 

Carlos has been wowed, and not just by Nadia's cooking.

"It's got a Bluetooth stereo and a good, air-conditioned cab," he says of the new combine harvester before promptly damaging it during the crucial harvest. 

"This is the first paddock, and I'll be honest, it's been an absolute pig...Not enjoyable," he laments until handyman Bernie saves the day.

You can get a taste of Nadia's recipes, and local supplier highlights on the My Food Bag blog. Plus catch the couple's laughter, tears, and grit as they chase their farming dreams on Wednesdays at 7pm on Three or stream first on ThreeNow.

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