The one piece of advice US pornstar Johnny Sins is sharing with other men

  • 07/04/2024
Johnny Sins has revealed the main piece of advice he shares with men.
Johnny Sins has revealed the main piece of advice he shares with men. Photo credit: Instagram / @mosttalentedbaldman

A popular porn star has revealed the piece of advice he's been sharing with other men.  

Steven Wolfe, otherwise known by his porn star name Johnny Sins, is in Perth for the three-day sex-positive convention, Sexpo.  

Sins, one of the most well-known male porn stars in the world, revealed he encourages men to "embrace the bald".  

Speaking with, he said shaving his head at the age of 23 was "out of necessity" and not because he liked the look.  

"For a while I was self-conscious about it but then I just sort of embraced it."  

Sins said he has one common piece of advice he gives men who begin losing their hair.   

"You shave your head and make that your look and make it your thing."  

"Some of the most talented people in the world are bald - The Rock, Jeff Bezos, a lot of actors," he added.  

"I really embrace it now. It's so much easier than having hair, styling your hair and going [to the] barber all the time. I actually prefer it now." 

He also shared the importance of speaking out when it comes to sexual health.  

"Everybody wants to sort of hide it, sweep it under the rug, and it makes it difficult for people to talk about those kinds of things," Sins told 

"Whether you're having erection problems or just general sexual health problems, people are still embarrassed to talk about it." 

"I've been through it before, especially being in the industry. If something's happening, you need to see a doctor right away.  

"It really needs to be talked about more and not made a stigma about. People should be more free. I feel that's important."