White Claw RTDs officially coming to New Zealand

The popular RTDs, White Claw, are arriving in New Zealand in April.
The popular RTDs, White Claw, are arriving in New Zealand in April. Photo credit: Supplied

It's confirmed - one of the world's most popular RTDs, White Claw, is officially coming to New Zealand. 

The black and white cans are set to hit the shelves in April, according to the official partner of White Claw - DB Breweries. 

It comes after Kiwi singer and songwriter Paige Tapara was recently seen giving one of the first batches a try in a recent Instagram post.  

DB Breweries has since confirmed the arrival of RTDs, in response to the comments. 

"The rumours are true," DB Breweries senior marketing manager Cormac van den Hoofdakker said in a statement to Newshub. 

"While we're not in a position to launch White Claw nationwide for another month or so, as a gesture of goodwill to fans of the brand we've committed to launching our 'First Wave' concept store in Newmarket."

The concept store will be open for a limited time from April 5-7, before the drinks officially hit the shelves in late April.  

First Wave will be located at 242 Broadway in Auckland's Newmarket, and is strictly 18+.

But Alcohol Healthwatch executive director Andrew Galloway told Newshub these types of beverages have been increasing in popularity in New Zealand.

"New Zealanders need no further encouragement to consume alcohol in a harmful way. Around one in every six New Zealand adults has a hazardous drinking pattern that places them or others at risk of harm," he said.

"It does create some concern that it will add fuel to the fire of an already problematic drinking culture in New Zealand.

"There is no health benefit to drinking alcohol. The World Health Organisation has concluded that there is no safe amount of alcohol that does not affect health."

In New Zealand, White Claws will compete with established RTDs including Vodka Cruisers, Long Whites, Cody's and Pals. 

The news of White Claw arriving in New Zealand follows Japan's best-selling RTD, Kirin Hyoketsu, landing in New Zealand in November last year.