Australia's Byron Shire Council bans single-use party supplies, including balloons

  • 20/06/2024
Confetti against blue sky
The ban came into effect on June 1. Photo credit: Getty Images

Party planners in New South Wales' Byron Shire have had their bubbles burst by the local council, which announced a ban on balloons and other single-use party supplies for environmental reasons. 

Byron Shire Council, which covers the famed Byron Bay, has said the ban on single-use decorations will apply to all council buildings, parks and outdoor areas, according to 7 News.  

It includes biodegradable, helium, latex and water balloons as well as glitter, confetti, streamers, tinsel, party poppers and glowsticks. 

The rules are being enforced in a bid to better protect the environment, minimise landfill waste and reduce litter.  

Mayor Michael Lyon told 7 News it was the right thing to do.  

"We know that balloons are one of the most lethal types of debris impacting Australian seabirds and other marine life, including turtles, who eat burst balloons because they look like jellyfish."  

As an alternative, the council suggests people celebrate special occasions with flowers, bunting, fairy lights and bubbles. 

The policy came into effect on June 1.