Lions tour: As it happened - Blues vs the British and Irish Lions

Blues - 22 : 16 - British and Irish Lions

Final score Blues 22 - British and Irish Lions 16 - we'll have video highlights and all the wrap up for you.

FULL TIME: Don't go anywhere and we'll have the highlights for you right now as the taiaha is presented to James Parsons.

FULL TIME: THE LIONS HAVE BEEN BEATEN. They coughed the ball up from the lineout and all the Blues had to do is put it out. And it's done!

80mins BLUES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

79mins: Lions win a penalty!!!!! 

79mins: Blues win the lineout and all they need to do is close it out. Blues forwards are pick and driving and they just want to hang on to the ball.

78mins: The Lions were just 6m out from the Blues line. Ihaia West clears and it's not a great kick but the Blues have the ball. Lions will do everything to disrupt this lineout.

77mins: BLUES PENALTY!!! Impressive from the Lions but they earn a penalty at the breakdown

77mins: Lions attacking well on the Blues 22 but they can't crack this d. Here come the Lions!!

76mins: Lions regain the kick off and they're on attack on the Blues 22. Big d needed by the home team here. Lions need to dig deep.

75mins: Absolutely stunning and the Blues take a six point lead. The game has just turned like that folks. Amazing. An electric crowd and the Lions are in strife.

74mins WEST TRY: Amazing!!!!! Luatua hand off to Sonny Bill Williams who hands off to Ihaia West. Incredible. Under the posts!!!

73mins: The Lions are close here and they can sense it. There's a little bit of a feeling around the ground that the momentum has turned. Lions ball on halfway.

72mins: Lions get a maul turn over and their players are going off! Back slaps all over the shop. 

72mins: Blues knock on from the kick off but Lions play on. Lions ball on their own 22 and Webb clears, again.

71mins: Halfpenny earns his paycheque and kicks it from about 40 out on a pretty tough angle. Lions hit the lead but it's not over yet.

69mins: Scrum penalty Lions! Really big scrum by the visitors there and the Blues can't keep up. Leigh Halfpenny points to the sticks and they have a chance to take the lead back here.

68mins: That was a shambles of a lineout and it's called not straight. Considering they've had a team meeting before every lineout, that's pretty poor. Scrum Blues on their own 10m line. Lions' captain Ken Owens comes off.

67mins: Williams comes back on for the Lions and they have a lineout on the Blues 10m line.

66mins: Lions take the kickoff and make a good 10m with a drive. They earn an offside penalty and run it wide - but they then kick which goes dead in goal. But the penalty is given.

66mins: The multi million dollar Halfpenny slots it and it's a two point game baby. Don't go anywhere, this is going down to the wire.

64mins: Lions looking a little out of ideas but they still have the ball. They get a penalty just outside the Blues 22 after Pulu doesn't roll away. Better from the Lions - 15 phases! Halfpenny looks to the posts.

63mins: Lions get their grunt going and are just outside the Blues 22m line. Defence holding firm but Lions look threatening. However they're just shovelling it side to side.

62mins: Blues sack the Lions drive deliciously and Rhys Webb gets a box kick in and the Lions get it back. On the Blues 10m line.

61mins: Lions earn a penalty before the scrum even engages. Sexton goes for the line. A bit of a reprieve there for the visitors who have been under the pump. Lions lineout on halfway.

60mins: Forward pass from Ihaia West out to Rieko Ioane. Ioane scores but the ref calls it back. That's solid work from Ioane, unstoppable.

59mins: Blues attacking on the Lions 22. A little knock on in the tackle with a Lions hand getting to it, it's Blues scrum on the Lions 22. This could be yuge for the Blues.

57mins: West takes the Blues into the Lions 22 and they have a very good attacking chance here. Blues ring some changes.

57mins YELLOW CARD LIONS - LIAM WILLIAMS: Blues win the penalty again. Outstanding work by Matt Duffie but it's Williams again. Unfortunate but the Lions winger was beaten again 

57mins: Blues win the lineout well and Pulu makes a box kick, but Duffie goes up for the ball again and is taken by a Lions player. Could be another penalty to the Blues here.

56mins: Lions looking to up the tempo and they have it on the Blues 10m line. They're not really making a lot of territory but Henshaw dribbles it into the Blues 22 and they have the lineout.

55mins: West goes for the wipers kick but the Lions have it on half way.

54mins: The Lions had the penalty advantage but they went for the midfield bomb and the Blues get the penalty for Duffie being tackled in the air.

54mins: Lions have the ball in the Blues half and Sexton goes for a midfield bomb. It could be foul play against the Lions here who tackles Duffie in the air.

52mins: West slots it. Blues up by 5.

51mins: After a series of knockons, the Blues get a penalty on the Lions 22. And Ihaia West who came on for Perofeta points to the sticks.

49mins: James Parsons makes a 60m break before the Blues drill it into the Lions' corner and the visitors retrieve the ball. Rhys Webb clears but only to Rieko Ioane. Blues ball on the Lions' 10m.

47mins: Now it's time for the Lions to attack and they're not doing anything particularly experimental and they're driven back before Henshaw decides to grubber it into the Blues 22.

46mins: Lions run it from inside their 22 to just outside. Webb clears but doesn't find touch. The Blues retain the ball but then pass it over the touchline on halfway.

45mins: Some really good sniping plays from the Blues with Pulu and SBW right at the heart of it. But SBW knocks on and it's a Lions scrum. SBW has been YUUUUGE tonight, you have to say he's a shoo-in for the All Blacks.

44mins: Lions take the lineout and Itoje's been good at set piece but not much else other than that. Webb clears and finds touch just beyond the 22.

43mins NO TRY: Rieko Ioane's right foot is in touch and it's no try, Jack Nowell with the try saving tackle. Lions lineout 5m out.

43mins TMO BLUES: Rieko Ioane could be over in the corner after some great pick and drive from the Blues. Both of the home locks doing their bit. Could be up again here.

43mins: Blues pick and drive and they've got the Lions on their heels. Attacking well and they're five metres out.

42mins: Blues have the ball on the Lions 10 and they're getting the speed of this match. Lions' Jack Nowell doesn't roll away and the Blues get the penalty. Perofeta drills it into Lions 22. Lineout 15m out

KICKOFF: Perofeta gets us underway and CJ Stander claims it before Rhys Webb clears.

HALFTIME ANALYSIS: Other than the final 10 minutes of the half, the Lions look a much better outfit than the one from Whangarei. Twisting the screws up front, their set piece has dominated the Blues' one. But silly errors from the visitors allowed Blues to relieve pressure more than once. Weather update - raining.

HALFTIME ANALYSIS: You honestly can't turn your back on the Blues! Half looked all but over but a freakish bit of luck and TJ Faiane following up the kick sees the Blues take a half time lead.

HALFTIME: What an incredible end to the first half. Perofeta knocks it over from in front and the Blues go in with the lead. Incredible

44mins TRY BLUES: The most ridiculous end to the first half. Nowell knocks it backwards after it bounces and Sonny Bill Williams grounds it in-goal. Try given. Remarkable!!! What a turning point.

42mins TMO BLUES: Wow! The ball hits the post and bounces in the 22, the ball goes loose and SBW dives on it in the goal.

42mins: Penalty Blues just outside the Lions 22 after some good phases of play involving Luatua, Akira Ioane and SBW. Much better by the home side there and they point to the posts.

40mins: Blues run it from their own 22 and go wide. A few mini breaks and they're up to the half way line. Siren goes but the Blues don't want to kill it

39mins: Bucketing down and Pulu goes for a little chip out of his 22. It's Lions ball just outside the Blues 22. Midfield bomb. Collins takes it well, calls a mark and they're not back 10, free kick again.

38mins: Ref gives the Blues a penalty at the lineout before it's even formed. Lions closing the gap repeatedly. Perofeta can't find touch and the Blues get it back but then kick it away again. It's raining cats and dogs.

37mins: Now the ref is having a word with the sheilas "put your handbags away ladies" I can hear him say.

37mins: Rain is starting to fall quite hard. Blues earn a penalty 10m out from their own line after Itoje gets isolated - Steven Luatua with the turnover. Now some hand bags are being thrown and the ref keeps blowing his whistle. 

36mins: Lions take a scrum where the ball was kicked from, inside the Blues' 22.

36mins: Clearly offside - really silly there from Tu'ungafasi, didn't even look like he was retiring. No try and Dan Biggar's being replaced. 

36mins TMO Blues: Wow what happened there. I think a Blues prop was offside at the kick, Lions player takes the ball, gets hammered by said prop, loses the ball and Rieko Ioane runs it under the posts. 

35mins: A silly little grubber by Perofeta gives the ball back to the Lions and they have the ball outside their 22. Elliot Daly clears down to Collins who is tackled on the half way line.

33mins: Another penalty to the Blues after the Lions are offside at the breakdown. Perofeta again drills it into the Lions half. The Blues need to be better with ball in hand and at the set piece.

32mins: Lions steal the penalty and they're starting to break down the Blues set piece. Rhys Webb clears but clears long to Duffie. Blues ball on the Lions 10m.

31mins: Penalty to the Blues as the Lions are done for obstruction in the first channel between 10 and 12. Perofeta finds touch on the Lions 22. Blues have a chance to attack here.

30mins: A scrum penalty to the Lions and there's pats on the back all over the shop from the visitors. Biggar clears very well, down into the Blues half.

29mins: That's a mighty quick maul call from the ref and he calls it a turnover. Lions scrum 5m out from their line.

28mins: Blues earn a penalty, second one from a lineout and the culprit is Courtney Lawes. Perofeta makes a stunning touch finder and the Blues have a lineout 5m out.

27mins: Lions go the midfield bomb option but the Blues take it in. Perofeta knocks it down the middle and Biggar clears and clears well, back to halfway.

26mins: Lions take the kick and Webb clears but it's back to Collins who hands it to Akira. Blues ball on halfway. A chip kick gives ball back to the Lions

24mins: Halfpenny throws it over and the Lions forwards really look like they're getting into their work.

24mins: Lions earn a penalty before the scrum engages, right in front and Halfpenny points to the sticks.

23mins: Lions on attack and they're playing this very narrow. Ball is dead at the ruck and a scrum to Lions. Great position about 10m out, in the centre of the field.

22mins: Both teams kick and Duffie takes a quick lineout option to himself and that's not a good idea. Lions lineout on the Blues 22m.

20mins: Halfpenny trying to get his contacts in by the looks. A bit of a break in play as the Blues have a bit of a korero.

20mins: One error after another as the ball looks like a piece of soap. Blues knock on is called and the Lions get a scrum just on their side of halfway.

19mins: Lions take the kickoff and clear but only down to Collins on half way. Makes a break up the middle and the Blues are on attack

18mins: The Blues did well to hold out as long as they did but this Lions team made no mistake. Halfpenny slots it and the Lions hit the lead.

18mins TRY LIONS: Their maul was relentless and while there were doubts over the channel, CJ Stander burrows over. The Lions hit back

16mins: Penalty Lions for collapsing the maul. Good d from the Blues but that could be a yellow card soon! Back to the corner, they're driving again.

15mins: Lions get a penalty and they go for the corner! That's more like it.

15mins: Lions try and drive out of their 22 but the Blues hold firm. Lions make a break into the Blues half after a Haskell break and they're on the Blues 22.

13mins: Great d from the Lions but their endeavour to come up quickly is leaving space wide. Big kick from Collins into the Lions 22. Halfpenny returns the favour before Collins drills it into the corner, one bounce into their 22. Lions lineout.

12mins: Blues lock Scrafton coughs up the ball in the lineout but they get an offside penalty. Perofeta clears down to halfway - Blues off the hook there.

11mins: Testy moment for the Blues but they were good enough to repel the attack. 5m lineout to the home side.

11mins NO TRY: Payne's left foot hits the line and it's no try. Great try saving tackle from Perofeta. TMO takes his time to make the decision. 

11mins TMO LIONS: And it's that man Jared Payne over in the corner. It will be touch and go but he could be in. What a return that'd be for the Kiwi-born Payne.

10mins: Biggar restarts and Perofeta makes a handling error on his own line. Pulu clears but doesn't find touch and the Lions are on attack inside the Blues 22

8mins: The 20-year-old Perofeta misses the conversion but an exciting start from teh Blues. The rain has also kept away so far.

7mins: It all started with the wipers kick from Perofeta and then Charlie Faumuina committed a player and the Blues went wide. Great stuff! 

7mins TRY IOANE: Too good from the Blues. A few hit ups and then they go wide to Rieko. Too fast and the Lions have been caught out

6mins: Wipers kick from Perofeta goes out to Duffie and the Blues are on attack on the Lions 22m. 

5mins: A brilliant SBW turnover again relieves the pressure for the Blues and a chip goes downfield into the Lions half. The Lions then knockon and the Blues have a scrum about 30m out from the Lions line.

4mins: A big tackle by a Lion jolts the ball loose on the Blues 22 and the Lions almost look to be over, but the ball gets to the line before Jared Payne. A brilliant start by the Lions.

3mins: Lions about 10m out and they're going left to right. But the Blues get the penalty at the breakdown won by SBW!

2mins: Lions use width early and are on the Blues 22m line. A few pick and go's by the Lions as the visitors' forwards get into their work. The Lions chant starts.

KICKOFF: Dan Biggar gets us underway to the left and Collins takes it in and Augustine Pulu clears but only down to halfway to Halfpenny.

7.35pm: Ah-mazing!!! Brilliant stuff from the home side. Ihaia West started it, Sam Nock finished it. Now let's get into it.

7.34pm: That seemed a short minute, but now we have the Blues haka, led by Sam Nock!

7.33pm: The stadium and the teams gather for a minute silence for the victims of the London and Manchester terrorist attacks.

7.31pm: Now here come the Blues and the crowd roars. They will perform a special haka before the match in tribute to Jonah Lomu and Kurtis Haiu. 

7.30pm: Here come the Lions led out by Welshman Ken Owens.

7.28pm: So much excited chatter around and it's just the Blues match! Lots of Lions fans around but just as many Blues ones. Actually I've seen lots of All Black jerseys. Excited!

7.26pm: I just overheard someone saying they can't wait to see Patrick Tuipolotu play. Might not say anything... 

7.23pm: Both teams now off the pitch to get ready. Crowd filling up fast and the rain looks to have died down! Kick off isn't far away.

7.15pm: Make sure you get in touch on Facebook or Twitter (@NewshubSport) - always good to hear from you. 

7.10pm: Rain rain go away. We just had a massive downpour but it looks to have stopped. Let's hope it stays that way.



Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the Blues hosting the British and Irish Lions at Auckland's Eden Park.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the action. VIDEO will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.

Commentary will start from around 7:30 pm (NZT). In the meantime check out the video above as a frustrated Warren Gatland is forced to answer more questions about his game style



15. Michael Collins 14. Matt Duffie 13. Rieko Ioane 12. George Moala 11. Sonny Bill Williams 10. Stephen Perofeta 9. Augustine Pulu 8. Steve Luatua 7. Blake Gibson 6. Akira Ioane 5. Scott Scrafton 4. Gerard Cowley-Tuioti 3. Charlie Faumuina (captain) 2. James Parsons 1. Ofa Tu'ungafasi.

Reserves: 16. Hame Faiva 17. Alex Hodgman 18. Sione Mafileo 19. Jimmy Tupou 20. Kara Pryor 21. Sam Nock 22. Ihaia West 23. TJ Faiane.

British and Irish Lions

15. Leigh Halfpenny 14. Jack Nowell 13. Jared Payne 12. Robbie Henshaw 11. Elliot Daly 10. Dan Biggar 9. Rhys Webb 8. CJ Stander 7. Justin Tipuric 6. James Haskell 5. Courtney Lawes 4. Maro Itoje 3. Dan Cole 2. Ken Owens (captain) 1. Jack McGrath

Replacements: 16. Rory Best 17.  Joe Marler 18. Kyle Sinckler 19. Iain Henderson 20. Peter O'Mahony 21. Greig Laidlaw 22. Jonathan Sexton 23. Liam Williams.

Match facts & stats

Referee: Pascal Gauzere

Assistant referees: Mathieu Raynal (France) Angus Gardner (Australia)

TMO: Marius Jonker (South Africa)

-  Eight All Blacks have been named by Tana Umaga in the Blues squad

- The Blues have not lost to a side at Eden Park from outside New Zealand since the Brumbies in May 2013

- They Blues have only lost to a touring party once, losing to France at QBE Stadium in 2013.

- Jared Payne and Elliot Daly will join Riki Flutey and Tom Reid as the only players to have played both for and against the Lions.

- British Lions' reserve Liam Williams will be the 20th Williams to play for the Lions

Before the match - Coach Warren Gatland swears in frustration after media barrage

Lions coach Warren Gatland has learned the hard way to treat every microphone as live after being recorded swearing under his breath following a barrage of media questions.

Gatland faced questions from international media in Auckland on Monday night ahead of the team's clash with the Blues at Eden Park on Wednesday.

He was grilled on the Lions underwhelming form in their 13-7 win against the New Zealand Provincial Barbarians in Whangarei on Saturday.

"We know we didn't play so well on Saturday, and it gives us an opportunity to go out against the Blues and go and be positive.

"To match the All Blacks, you've got to display a bit of X Factor, and if that X Factor means an offload or do something that's a bit outside the box then the players are being encouraged to do that because that's what we're going to have to do to beat them," he said.

"We don't want to be prescribed and we don't want to be play-by-numbers."

As he stood up at the end of the news conference, he politely tucked his chair in and muttered under his breath: "f***, I don't know why I have to f***ing keep defending myself, f***ing hell".

And with those words, he flashed a smile to the press pack likely unaware his words had been picked up by the dozen or so mics placed in front of him.