Lions tour: As it happened - Crusaders vs British and Irish Lions

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FULL TIME - Crusaders: 3 - 12: British & Irish Lions: And that's all she wrote folks and the Lions pump it into the stadium. Job done, the Lions have handed the Crusaders their first loss of the year.

80mins: Crusaders lose the ball on their own and that's the game. Scrum Lions

79mins: Conor Murray's box kick has been a feature of the night and it's Crusaders ball near their 10m line. 

78mins: A backline move goes horribly wrong for the Crusaders and that about sums up their night. A kick out on the full by Mitch Hunt and it's a lineout to the Lions outside their 22m

77mins: Crusaders have won a scrum penalty and time looks all but up. Mitch Hunt bangs it into the Lions half.

76mins: Crusaders just try and take a quick throw but it's pulled back to the halfway line. They have to do something quick here.

75mins: Lions run off the back of the scrum and they make a few mini breaks. Their ball on halfway and it could be game over here for the Crusaders. Crusaders ball deep in their own half but they just can't crack it. Crusaders ball just over halfway.

74mins: Crusaders turn the ball over in a maul after a good run by Dagg and it's scrum to the Lions in their own half.

73mins: Lions make a bad mistake on their lineout and its Crusaders ball just on the Lions' side of half way.

72mins: Going to the TMO for a high tackle by the Lions but it should be good. Didn't look like anything.

72mins: Lions forcing Crusaders to play narrow and when they try and go wide, it's ineffective. Crusaders ball on their own 10m line and they're bundled out. Lions lineout just on their side of half way.

71mins: Lions lead outside 7 points and that could be the difference. Crusaders have offered very little tonight. Lions take the kick off well again.

70mins: Penalty Lions right in front of the posts 5m out. It was relentless but they couldn't break this Crusaders defence. Another 3 points here.

69mins: A midfield break by Johnny Sexton and the Lions have the ball 6m out from the Crusaders line. The Lions chant goes up from the crowd.

68mins: Dagg takes a good high ball and after a few kicks, the Lions have the ball on the halfway line. They're looking very good here.

67mins: Dagg makes a huuuuuge clearing kick down to the Lions 10m line. More like it from Dagg.

66mins: The Lions drill the ball into the Crusaders 22m and the Lions fans go nuts. Crusaders lineout but the visitors could be closing in here, only a pass or two from making the home side pay.

65mins: There's a loose pass from the Lions and suddenly it's Crusaders ball in the 22. Then they throw an intercept and George North comes up with it. Lions ball on their own 10m line.

63mins: Lions go with another midfield bomb and this time it's dropped by Bridge. Lions scrum on the Crusaders 22m.

61mins: It's Crusaders ball on their on 10m line still and they're struggling to break this Lions side. George Bridge loses the ball from a Mo'unga pass and it's very poor by the Crusaders. Lions scrum on the Crusaders 10m line.

60mins: Crusaders have the ball and go the midfield bomb but Anthony Watson takes it down into the Crusaders 22 after a great break for the Lions. Stander knocks it on and it's Crusaders ball on their own 10m line.

58mins: Ball looks to be knocked on but after tonight with this ref, it could be anything. Nope it's no try. Scrum to the Crusaders on their 22m.

58mins TMO LIONS: There could be a knock on and the Crusaders stopped but it was Liam Williams up the left hand touch line. Chips and chases and the ball doesn't find any hands, it bounces up into Anthony Watson's hands and he could be in.

57mins: After a few fumbles the Crusaders have the ball in their own half and it's scappy. Bryn Hall with the box kick and it's Lions ball on halfway.

54mins: Big break in play but the Lions win a penalty at the scrum. The crowd let him have it too - that's the fourth scrum penalty of the night.

52mins: Massive break by Jack Goodhue and he slices through the Lions' second channel before grubbering it and George Bridge knocks it on just 10m out. That's much better by the Crusaders and Goodhue left Farrell clutching at thin air - that's why he's injury cover for the All Blacks. Scrum 10m out from their own line to the Lions.

50mins: Lions have bossed possession so far and the Crusaders haven't really had a chance to get into it.

50mins: Lions go wide but Ben Te'o fumbles the ball which goes backward. They then go down the same touchline and Liam Williams knocks the ball on in the tackle. Crusaders scrum on their on 10m line. Scott Robertson the Crusaders coach subs the whole front row.

49mins: Crusaders win their linout and they make another good 22 exit but can't find touch. Lions ball about 35m out from the Saders line. Mako Vunipola having a storming game for the Lions.

48mins: Lions attacking up the middle but Farrell decides to play for territory and he end on end kicks it to 5m out from the Crusaders line.

47mins: Crusaders with an effective exit play and Bryn Hall clears up to the halfway line. Better from the home team but the Lions were robbed of 3 points there.

47mins: Lions make a break down the touch line after David Havili drops the ball from another midfield bomb but they can't connect with the last pass and it's Crusaders ball inside their own 22.

45mins: Farrell misses it!! Ball looked like it went over but not to be.

44mins: Lions get another penalty at the breakdown and it's Taufua the culprit. Lions line up for another shot at goal.

43mins: Lions can't secure the lineout and Mo'unga gets a monster kick down field. Anthony Watson at the back returns favour and Dagg kicks it back. Lions ball just outside the Crusaders 22m.

42mins: Lions player kicks it out of the ruck and it's then hacked down field. Dagg has to put it out inside their own 22 and it's Lions lineout about 15m out.

41mins: Dagg takes a good high ball and the Crusaders have the ball before kicking it into the Lions 22. Williams then clears it down field but doesn't find touch. 

KICK OFF: Mo'unga gets us underway and the Lions take it well from the kickoff, something the Crusaders haven't been able to do.

HALF TIME: Both teams coming back onto the park and you'll all be happy to know it hasn't got any warmer. Brrrrrr

HALF TIME: You have to say it's been pretty average from both teams and the players are making not only the ball look like a piece of soap but the field look like an ice rink.

HALF TIME: Crusaders could have been three points closer but botched a 5m lineout. It could prove costly. The Lions however, showed a lot more willingness to play wide but when Hogg and Davies went off and Sexton came on, it seemed to go back to the one off play that's got them in trouble this tour so far.

HALF TIME: Crusaders win the ball back and Mo'unga says that's enough and gets it out.

40mins: Lions botch the maul but they still have the ball. Lions going back to their one dimensional play in the Saders 22m. Farrell is absolutely monstered by Romano. They're pretty much playing the exact same game they did against the Blues now.

39mins: Lions get another penalty at the breakdown and Farrell again punts the ball but this time just 5m out. A huuuuuuge opportunity for a drive here.

38mins: Lions kick up to the halfway line and they kick again from the maul which is taken by George Bridge. Mo'unga goes for a long raking kick up field and it's Lions ball on their on 10m line. 

37mins: Crusaders look to monster the scrum again and they get some push. But then the ref points to the sky angled on the Lions side and it's yet another scrum penalty against the Crusaders. Tough call there...

36mins: Crusaders try something at the back of the lineout and Taufua drops the ball straight away. Not a lot of composure there. Scrum Lions about 5m out.

35mins: No try - absolutely hard to see the ball in that skirmish there and the Lions survive. Ref was playing penalty advantage though and it's right in front of the posts. But they go for the corner...

35mins TMO CRUSADERS: The Crusaders could be in here under the posts after a few pick and goes. Ball was taken from Codie Taylor in a ruck and he could have burrowed over. Try yes or no the question

33mins: Crusaders get an intercept and take the ball in the Lions 22 by Richie Mo'unga. The Saders then earn a penalty deep 10m out and go for the corner.

32mins: Crusaders ball in the Lions half but they can't put together more than a few phases and now it's Lions ball in Crusaders half.

31mins: Farrell puts it between the sticks.

30mins: Lions go for another drive but they're held out. Then the Lions win another penalty for offside. Right next to the posts. Crusaders getting pinged very heavily here.

29mins: Players slipping left, right and centre as the Lions attack. They earn another penalty, this time for offside and Farrell puts the ball out inside the Crusaders 22. Lions lineout 10m out.

28mins: More injuries for the Lions as Hogg and Jonathan Davies don't look like returning, both head protocols by the looks. Worrying for the Lions.

28mins: Crusaders win the scrum and George Bridge clears it well up the left touchline to half way. A much better exit strategy from the Saders.

26mins: Another kick off mistake from Luke Romano and the Lions are just 10m out and are through another gap but Jonathan Davies knocks the ball on. Saders hold on again but the Lions are certainly making inroads to the Crusaders line - they're going to kick to Romano all night.

25mins: Mo'unga bangs it over and gets the home side on the board.

24mins: A quick break down the left touch line and the Lions concede a penalty inside their 22. Mo'unga points to the posts. Some very good phases of play there and some good support from Bryn Hall on the inside.

23mins: Another error from the Crusaders and it's Lions ball inside their own 22.

22mins: Crusaders win the lineout and are on attack inside the Lions 22. A lot of narrow stuff by the home team.

21mins: Scrum to Lions on half way but the Crusaders absolutely monster the scrum and earn a penalty but then it's all on. A bit of handbags thrown and a few shirts pulled and some push and shoves and Sam Whitelock's at the very bottom of it. Mo'unga bangs it into the 22.

20mins: Some real sloppy work from the Crusaders and they cough the ball up. Stuart Hogg has copped an elbow from his own team mate and there's a big break in play.

20mins: Crusaders sack the initial maul but they go for another one. Lions go wide but the Saders are up to it. They lose the ball and the home team bangs it upfield.

19mins: Lions get another scrum penalty but this time Farrell kicks the ball into the Crusaders 22.

18mins: Taufua knocks it on in a lovely tackle by Ben Te'o and Farrell and it's Lions scrum just inside the Saders' half.

17mins: Lions take the kick off well and execute yet another good exit from their 22. Dagg takes a good high ball and it's Crusaders ball on half way.

16mins: Farrell knocks it over again and the Lions extend their lead.

15mins: Lions get a scrum penalty and Farrell points to the posts again.

14mins: Lions take the kickoff and Murray clears again but his kick isn't very good. The Lions regain the ball on their own 10 and bang another midfield bomb. Richie Mo'unga drops it cold and it's Lions scrum just outside the Crusaders 22m.

13mins: Farrell bangs it over with ease. First blood to the Lions.

11mins: Crusaders concede a penalty at the breakdown and Wyn Jones looks to the posts about 40m out, smack bang in the middle of the park.

11mins: Conor Murray hits a lovely clearing kick into the Crusaders' half and it's Saders lineout which is won by the Lions. Lions ball on the Crusaders 10.

10mins: Crusaders get a free kick from the scrum and Richie Mo'unga goes for the wipers kick which is taken by George Bridge who is bundled into touch. Lions ball inside their own 22.

8mins: Crusaders concede a free kick and the Lions go quickly before chipping the ball which is gathered before the Crusaders clear up unto the half way line. A few drop balls and some toe throughs and after all that, scrum to the Crusaders on the Lions 22m.

7mins: Crusaders have a sloppy lineout and the Lions win the ball back. Conor Murray clears up to the Lions 10m line.

6mins: Lions get a free kick from the scrum and Farrell goes for the midfield bomb which is taken well by Israel Dagg. Saders win a penalty after the Lions were offside and Mo'unga drills it deep inside the Lions 22.

4mins: Saders win their lineout and are on attack in the Lions half. Romano with a storming run up to the 22 but a maul is called and the Lions win the scrum turnover.

2mins: Lions win their lineout and are on attack in the Crusaders half. Have a lot more intent tonight the visitors. Going wide with every chance. 10th phase now and they haven't made a lot of ground but they're keeping the ball. Jordan Taufua earns a turnover at the breakdown and the Saders get a penalty.

KICK OFF: Farrell gets us underway and Romano makes a mistake straight away. Lions on attack and they look to be in but the Crusaders win it back deep in their own 22. 

7.35pm: Challenge well and truly laid out for the Lions and the crowd go nuts. Kick off imminent with Owen Farrell looking to get us underway.

7.33pm: The Crusaders are doing a special haka created just for tonight.

7.32pm: Here come the Saders. Who're you going for? Get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter @Newshubsport.

7.30pm: The Lions head out onto the immaculate playing surface, been a beautiful day. Led by Alun Wyn Jones holding a Lion plush toy.

7.20pm: Kia ora and welcome to AMI Park. I can tell you it's bloody freezing and I can't feel my knees. The Lions players are just running off the park and with them, they take a big cloud of steam. Kick off in 15minutes.



Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the Crusaders hosting the British and Irish Lions at AMI Stadium in Christchurch.

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1. Joe Moody, 2. Codie Taylor, 3. Owen Franks, 4.  Luke Romano, 5. Sam Whitelock (c), 6. Heiden Bedwell-Curtis, 7. Matt Todd, 8. Jordan Taufua, 9. Bryn Hall, 10. Richie Mo'unga, 11. George Bridge, 12. David Havili, 13. Jack Goodhue, 14. Seta Tamanivalu, 15. Israel Dagg

Reserves: 16. Ben Funnell, 17. Wyatt Crockett, 18. Michael Alaalatoa, 19. Quinten Strange, 20. Jed Brown, 21. Mitchell Drummond, 22. Mitchell Hunt, 23. Tim Bateman


1. Mako Vunipola. 2. Jamie George, 3. Tadhg Furlong, 4. Alun Wyn Jones (c), 5. George Kruis, 6. Peter O'Mahony, 7. Sean O'Brien, 8. Toby Faletau, 9. Conor Murray, 10. Owen Farrell, 11. Liam Williams, 12. Ben Te'o, 13. Jonathan Davies, 14. George North, 15. Stuart Hogg

Reserves: Reserves: 16.Ken Owens, 17.Jack McGrath, 18.Dan Cole, 19.Maro Itoje, 20.CJ Stander, 21.Rhys Webb, 22.Johnny Sexton, 23.Anthony Watson.

Match facts and stats 

Referee: Mathieu Raynal

Assistants: Angus Gardner and  Pascal Gauzère 

TMO: Marius Jonker 

Head-to-head: Crusaders $1.62 -  Lions $2.30

Before the match

Crusaders expect traditional 'tight' rugby from Warren Gatland's Lions side

When the pressure goes on the British and Irish Lions they revert to type - and it's not a pretty sight.

That's the summation of Crusaders coach Scott Robertson, who expects nothing but a slugfest when his Super Rugby leaders host the under-pressure tourists in Christchurch on Saturday.

He's confident his team have the muscle to cope with it.

Robertson was an interested observer when the fifth-ranked New Zealand Super Rugby franchise, the Blues, snuck past the Lions 22-16 in Auckland on Wednesday.

It was apparent at Eden Park, he said, that Warren Gatland's team had a default setting when the game was in the balance.

"Probably the tighter the game went, and the more pressure that was put on, you could see what they go to - their set piece and their physicality," Robertson said.

"We don't think their style will change too much but we think the stakes might have gone up a little bit after Wednesday night's efforts and what it means to them."

Robertson predicted Ireland's Connor Murray and Englishman Owen Farrell would be in the Lions halves hours before it was named.

He subsequently expects a busy evening for All Blacks veteran Israel Dagg.

"Connor Murray is probably one of the best box kickers in the world and then you've got Owen Farrell, who can kick a ball a mile.

"Between the 9 and 10, they'll have a pretty accomplished kicking."

The Crusaders tight five is comprised entirely of All Blacks squad members, providing a fascinating prelude to the first Test in Auckland in two weeks.

While the red and blacks have employed some sizzling rugby on their way to a 14-from-14 record, it was the gutsy defeat of the Hurricanes in slippery conditions last month which has Robertson upbeat.

The Hurricanes' proven attack was rendered impotent by a dominant Crusaders scrum and a quality kicking game.

Robertson is also tipping a strong game from another member of his pack, Matt Todd, after the industrious flanker was left out of the All Blacks squad.

So often an unlucky omission, Robertson felt for a player who couldn't tip Sam Cane and Ardie Savea out of the Test mix.

"I don't think he can have played any better. Anyone who knows anything about rugby, he's a world class seven," Robertson.

"He'd definitely play for any team in the world, the way he's played for us."