Lions tour: As it happened - Highlanders vs British & Irish Lions

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Highlanders 23 - 22 British & Irish Lions

FULLTIME HIGHLANDERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lions knock on the ball from the set piece and the crowd and the Highlanders side has erupted! What a match and what heart from the understrength Landers. Jonathan Joseph with the knock on.

80mins: PENALTY LIONS! But it's too far for Elliot Daly, on the Lions 10m line. Farrell pumps it to the Highlanders 22m line. Here we go. Siren has gone.

79mins: Wow this intense. Still plenty of time and Banks unleashes a massive restart. Highlanders can't give away a penalty.

78mins: MISSES!

77mins: Lions win a turnover and then they win a penalty. It's just on their side of half way and Daly points to the posts. This will be a very big kick - 53m out at least. The ref looks at the screen and pulls it back toward the 10m line - more like a 60m kick now.

75mins: Highlanders take the kickoff well and a Hammington box kick is contested by both Nowell and Osbourne - the Highlanders come through and drive over the ball. It's called dead but it's a scrum Highlanders.

74mins: HIGHLANDERS LEAD - Banks slots it and the crowd go nuts.

73mins: A MASSIVE SCRUM FROM THE HIGHLANDERS and they earn a penalty and suddenly everyone's throwing handbags. What a scrum by the home side!!!!!!!! That is a very big moment and the Landers front row is going off. Banks now lines up for a shot that could see them take the lead.

71mins: A brilliant regather from a bomb from the Barracuda and the Highlanders are hot on attack inside the Lions 22. But they lose the ball and it's a scrum Lions. That was so close for the Highlanders and Richard Buckman take a bow, a brilliant take over Elliot Daly from that high ball.

69mins: Banks makes a good restart and after two phases, a great tackle by Jackson Hemopo holds a Lions player up and it's a turnover to the Highlanders. Scrum on half way.

68mins: Lions and Highlanders make some changes as Owen Farrell comes on and misses the penalty kick. Highlanders restart. A big finish coming here.

67mins: A few kicks back and fourth and it's Lions ball on half way. Lions earn penalty advantage but the Lions are retaining the ball for at least five phases. And then Biggar just says, 'I want the penalty' and kicks a pretty poor grubber kick out.

66mins: Lions regain a box kick but then give it away to the Highlanders who have the ball midfield and then give it away. Lions ball on their 10m line.

65mins: Highlanders are attacking and Banks goes for a big midfield bomb. It goes too deep into the Lions 22 and Daly takes the mark. Too easy there, let off the hook. He doesn't find touch though and Tevita Li goes for a high kick.

63mins: Highlanders knock the ball on from the kick off and what they've worked so hard to do, they threaten it by another silly error. To be fair, the kickoff from Biggar was lovely. HIGHLANDERS WIN A SCRUM PENALTY - lovely work by the Landers there. Banks clears up to the Lions 10m line.

60mins TRY HIGHLANDERS: Well it hasn't worked until now but the maul gets it done and the man is Liam Coltman!! The perfect lineout drive and the Lions had nothing to counteract it. Brilliant play by the Southern men. Banks knocks it over and we have a game ladies and gentlemen.

60mins: Lions are offside and the Highlanders win a penalty on the Lions' 10m line. Very smart play by the Landers there and they bring on some cavalry. A very good kick by Banks gets them to within 5 from the line.

59mins: Highlanders are attacking 7m out and they get another penalty but they keep attacking with a quick tap. Lions win a ruck and it's cleared. Not good enough from the Highlanders, they just lacked that penetration.

56mins: Offside by the Lions and the Highlanders get a penalty on the 22. Marty Banks who's come on for Sopoaga, kicks to the corner.

55mins: Kiwi Jared Payne drops the kick off cold on his 22, what a sitter! Highlanders scrum. A great chance to hit back for the Highlanders.

53mins TRY LIONS: Too good by the Lions. Attacking off the scrum the pressure on the Landers was intense. Left right, left right and Sam Warburton ends up breaking the line and puts out that big right arm and slams the ball down next to the post.

51mins: This time the Highlanders take the kick off really well but a very poor pass from Lima Sopoaga puts the ball in the Highlanders goal line. Naholo is forced to kick but he steps on the dead ball line and it's a 5m scrum to the Lions.

49mins: Highlanders win the lineout before Sopoaga puts in another chip kick and the Highlanders retrieve the ball. Then by some really good pick and go's, they're inside the Lions half. But Naholo goes down injured and play stops. Highlanders penalty in the Lions 22 and it's right in front. Lima points to the posts and throws it over.

48mins: A mini break from the Lions and it's that man Rhys Webb again. Lions have some real go forward ball at the ruck but the ref blows his whistle and it's a penalty to the Highlanders - an obstruction call. Hammington being skinned alive by Rhys Webb. Sopoaga clears down to the Lions 10m line. Just as I type that, he's replaced with Greig Laidlaw.

46mins: A really poor lineout move by the Highlanders gives the Lions a relieving penalty on their own 22. Gotta get the basics right. Then Biggar doesn't find touch and Tevita Li goes high which is claimed by Payne. Lions ball on half way.

45mins: Lions take the kick off and Biggar clears but only to the Highlanders 10m. Highlanders look to lose it but then turn over the ball again and earn a penalty. They're on the Lions 10m line and Sopoaga goes for the corner.

43mins: TRY LIONS - absolutely silly that by Sopoaga. A little wipers kick (second in as many phases) that didn't need to be made and Tommy Seymour shoots through, takes it in the air and runs 40m to dot down. Biggar misses the kick but it's a great start to the second half for the Lions

41mins: Lions kick it back and then the Barracuda kicks a bomb which isn't taken by the Lions. It then bounces into touch and it's Lions ball.

KICKOFF: Sopoaga gets us underway and it's again taken well by the Lions.

HALFTIME: Here come the teams - this second half should be a cracker.

HALFTIME ANALYSIS: Well well well what an interesting half we've had. Both teams playing a quick pace but it appears that pace doesn't really bode well for the Lions. The Highlanders are doing outrageously well, particularly at set piece and if they can hold in the second dig, they've got a very good chance of winning this.

HALFTIME: Lions have the ball on the half way line and a box kick by Rhys Webb is taken well by Naholo who's had a storming half! Gareth Evans takes the ball from the ruck and clears it and that's half time.

38mins: Highlanders can't hold the possession and it's ripped in a maul. Lineout Lions on their own 22m line. Landers could challenge here but a reckless challenge in the air awards a penalty to the Lions.

37mins: A couple of kicks wide and the Highlanders make a yuge break down the left touchline, what a great sequence of play that is, going wide both ways. The Lions clear it and pumps it into touch but it's outside the 22 and it's the Highlanders ball on the Lions 22. Brilliant improvising by the Highlanders. 

36mins: Prop Kyle Sinckler makes a beautiful midfield break through the outside channel but he throws a nice pass to Jared Payne who shelves it. Another missed opportunity from the Lions but some impressive pace by the big man. Sinckler has hugely impressed this tour so far.

35mins: Lions win the scrum but go the old Gary Owen (midfield bomb). Now it's Highlanders ball but Sopoaga kicks it away. It's not a very good kick and the Lions have it on half way now. 

33mins: A knock on from the Highlanders gifts the ball back and the Lions now have the ball but are getting driven back to their 10m line. A man is down in back play and the ref has no choice but to stop play. It's Dan Biggar and his shoulder. He's ok though and it's a scrum to the Lions on their 10m line.

32mins: Lions take the kick well and a Webb box kick and Lions regather sees another box kick. It's Highlanders ball on half way.

30mins: TRY LIONS - Well that virtually came from nowhere but an overlap from the lineout and Jonathan Joseph just canters in. A great offload by CJ Stander made that try but it was the maul by the Lions that did the damage. Biggar blows the ball over on a pretty tight angle.

29mins: Highlanders take the ball well and Sopoaga clears and Naholo collects it outside their 22. Wow that didn't look intentional. Highlanders down the left touch line. A brilliant break by Tevita Li down the left touch line saw the Highlanders go deep into the Lions half. A Highlanders player then gets caught isolated at a breakdown and it's a Lions penalty about 30m out from their own line.

26mins: In jumping over the line, Naholo collected Courtney Lawes with his shoulder and it looks like the Englishman's night is over. A big break in play here.

26mins: TRY NAHOLO - Too much ball for the Highlanders and Naholo basically jumps over the line. One metre out was always going to be tough to stop him and he's too fast and too strong. The try was set up by Gareth Evans down the left touch line who kept it alive with an offload into Walden. Naholo then at first receiver, what a sight.

25mins: Highlanders manage to botch the lineout drive and Rory Best wins a good turnover just on his own line. Dan Biggar finds touch toward the Lions 10m line but it's another good chance for the Highlanders to attack. Best looks injured following that turnover but it looks to be just blood.

23mins: Highlanders go very wide from the scrum and a Fekitoa chip gives the ball away with Jared Payne collecting at the back. Dillon Hunt wins a penalty at the breakdown and Sopoaga is going for the corner.

22mins: Lions try the wipers kick off the scrum and Dan Biggar and Seymour aren't the Barretts - Seymour drops it cold and it's a Highlanders scrum just in their own half.

20mins: Helter skelter here and it's Highlanders ball in Lions half but they lose it at a ruck on the Lions 10m.

19mins: Sopoaga misses the penalty kick and it's a 22 restart by the Lions.

17mins: Lions take the kickoff and the box kick is charged down and the Highlanders control it on the Lions 22m. Then a little grubber kick from Sopoaga is cleaned up from Jonathan Joseph and the Lions have the ball. Naholo wins the Highlanders a penalty at the breakdown on the Lions 10m line after a great tackle by Fekitoa.

15mins: NO TRY - TMO correctly adjudicated that he lost the ball, but the on field ref was giving advantage for a penalty and they're going for the three points. Biggar bangs it over easy from next to the posts.

15mins: It looks like Conor Murray's got it down but he could have knocked it on - it could go either way here.

15mins: TMO LIONS - Could be a try to the Lions here in two instances. Five metres out from the try line and both Lions players went in low. On the first instance Tommy Seymour could have been pushed back over the line and then Conor Murray goes from the base of the ruck before jumping over. 50/50 here.

14mins: After a scrum where they were going backward, Banks takes a low ball and puts it out - but it's out on the full and it's a Lions lineout.

13mins: Fekitoa is off for a HIA and Marty Banks is on. Lions are driven back following the scrum in a few tackles by Whitelock and they make a silly error at the base of the ruck. Rhys Webb is really doing a tidy one on Hammington at scrum time.

11mins: Lions make a break up the short side but then lose it on the Highlanders 22. A scrappy few phases and it's Lions scrum on the Highlanders' 22.

10mins: Shaping up like a Super Rugby game here and the Highlanders look solid. Their ball on the half way line and Fekitoa is bundled over in the Lions half. Good work from winger Tevita Li up the short side there before tucking the ball over to Fekitoa. Great pace to this game so far.

9mins: Highlanders clear straight away down to Jared Payne deep and they kick it deep. Sopoaga regains from a chip kick but they lose the ball shortly after. Lions ball about 30m out from their own line. A Webb high kick gifts possession back and the Landers are on their own 10m line.

7mins: Lions are keeping composure with the ball in hand and they've made it inside the Landers 22. Highlanders d just holding and they get a turnover in a maul on their own 22. Good work from the Highlanders there, 14-15 phases and they hold strong.

6mins: Lions take the ball from their own kick and they have possession on the Highlanders 10m line. They're keeping ball in hand but not going very far.

4mins: TRY BOMBED. Highlanders get a penalty in front of the Lions posts but it should have been a try that was bombed by Malakai Fekitoa. Waisake Naholo ran onto a Lima Sopoaga grubber and is held just a metre short. The ball goes wide left and Fekitoa just crabs cross field. Lucky for the penalty which Sopoaga bangs over

2mins: Highlanders lose the ball in the Lions half and it's the visitors ball on half way. The Lions chant goes up around the stadium and they make a mistake with ball in hand. Highlanders ball just outside the Lions 22 and they get the advantage.

1mins: Lions take the ball from a high kick and they go left and it appears they're going to run it tonight. Biggar goes for a midfield kick and the Landers claim it on their 10m line. Naholo makes a break down the right hand side.

KICKOFF: Dan Biggar gets us underway and the Highlanders take it well. Highlanders get it on their 10m line.

7.33pm: The sword is handed to Warburton and he marches off field to hand it to a Lions' official. Let's get this show on the road.

7.30pm: After their hitout in Christchurch the other night, don't be surprised if the Lions get this job done well tonight. Looking dry under foot, should be plenty of points in it. Here come the Lions players. Now here come the Highlanders with the team led out by a bagpipes player.

7.25pm: Instead of a haka tonight, the Lions will be presented with a claymore sword. Teams aren't far away for a 7.35pm kick off. 

7.20pm: Kia ora and welcome to a very loud but also arctic-like Forsyth Barr. It's great weather under the roof and I'll be here with you until the final minute. Get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter @NewshubSport, love to hear from you.




Kia ora and welcome to the live updates as the Highlanders take on the British & Irish Lions at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin.

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Commentary will start from around 7:30pm (NZT). In the meantime check out the video above as Warren Gatland hits out at the Super Rugby scrummaging tactics.



1. Daniel Lienert-Brown, 2. Liam Coltman, 3. Siate Tokolahi, 4. Alex Ainley, 5. Jackson Hemopo, 6. Gareth Evans, 7. Dillon Hunt, 8. Luke Whitelock (c), 9. Kayne Hammington, 10. Lima Sopoaga, 11. Tevita Li, 12. Teihorangi Walden, 13. Malakai Fekitoa, 14. Waisake Naholo, 15. Richard Buckman

Reserves: 16. Greg Pleasants-Tate, 17. Aki Seiuli, 18. Siosuia Halanukonuka, 19. Josh Dickson, 20. Jimmy Lentjes, 21. Josh Renton, 22. Marty Banks, 23. Patrick Osborne

British & Irish Lions

1. Joe Marler. 2. Rory Best, 3. Kyle Sinckler, 4. Courtney Lawes, 5. v, 6. James Haskell, 7. Sam Warburton (c), 8. CJ Stander, 9. Rhys Webb, 10. Dan Biggar, 11. Tommy Seymour, 12. Robbie Henshaw, 13. Jonathan Joseph, 14. Jack Nowell, 15. Jared Payne

Reserves: 16. Ken Owens, 17. Jack McGrath, 18. Dan Cole, 19. Alun Wyn Jones, 20. Justin Tipuric, 21. Greig Laidlaw, 22. Owen Farrell, 23. Elliot Daly

Match facts & stats

Referee: Angus Gardner

Assistants: Pascal Gauzere, Mathieu Raynal

TMO: Marius Jonker

Head-to-head: Highlanders $2.60 - Lions $1.49

Before the match: Warren Gatland hits out at Super Rugby sides

Warren Gatland has accused Super Rugby teams of illegal scrummaging following the Lions' victory over the Crusaders in Christchurch on Saturday night.

The Crusaders were consistently penalised at scrum time with French referee Mathieu Raynal awarding at least five penalties to the Lions at the set piece.

Lions coach Warren Gatland said they were caught out because the referee was ruling to the letter of the law.

"The ruling says you must have a small gap," Gatland said.

"At Super Rugby, they preload. We've practiced for both scenarios having come to New Zealand so we've prepared to fully preload and we've also practiced to have a slight gap as well, depending on how the referee interprets it.

"The law says there must be a small gap, they don't play to the law of the game, Super Rugby sides tend to scrummage illegally if that's the case."

The scrum calls appeared to baffled Crusaders' front rowers Joe Moody, Codie Taylor and Owen Franks.

Despite appearing to have the dominant scrum, Gatland said the Crusaders had one scrum maximum where they had the ascendancy.

In the post-match wash-up, the interpretations has seen the referee come under increasing pressure.

Pressure that Gatland said was completely unwarranted.

"I thought [the referee] did a good job and I didn't have any issues with that," Gatland said.

"It's not something I'm concerned about. I'm a little surprised a huge amount has been made about the scrum."

After Saturday night, the scrum will be an area of great contention for the rest of the tour with the set piece a core staple of the Lions' game.

With two out of the three Tests controlled by French referees, the All Blacks will also likely make sure they're preparing for all interpretations at scrum time.