Police concerned over contactless bank cards

Police concerned over contactless bank cards

Waikato police are concerned about an increasing number of thefts related to contactless credit and debit cards.

Police are receiving more than one complaint a day regarding fraudulent misuse of payWave and PayPass cards and, despite the $80 limit for contactless purchases, the cards allow opportunist thieves to commit small thefts, says Inspector Kent Holdsworth.

He says one Waikato woman had money stolen after she went to sleep in an inner-city apartment and left her door open.

When she awoke, she discovered a burglar had taken her card and used it a number of times.

Insp Holdsworth says he is also aware of people taking cards from drunken weekend partygoers while they aren’t looking.

He says the most common purchases are cigarettes, alcohol, snacks and fuel.

Police are urging extra vigilance around contactless cards and are asking the public to keep them secure if hosting a party or going out.

If your card gets stolen, notify your bank and police immediately so a stop can be put on your card," he says.

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