In digital age, classic toys prevail

  • 15/02/2016
In digital age, classic toys prevail

With today's pace of technology, for some of us, trying to work a smartphone can make you feel pretty dumb.

For many young kids, though, they're all about the hi-tech. But when it comes to toys, they want to play with the same stuff we used to.

It might seem hard to compete for young eyeballs when they're so locked onto screens, but construction toys are seeing double-digit growth these past few years -- almost US$500 million in 2015. That means toys like Lego.

Of course, Dad's version of Thomas the Tank Engine is a little different than his son's, with many toys getting a digital upgrade, like Lionel train sets.

The technology advancements help shops like Train World in Brooklyn to keep chugging along. Handheld remotes and mobile apps keep the business on track.

Adrienne Appell with the US Toy Association says the industry is at the top of its game, up almost 7 percent in 2015.

"Kids are still playing with dolls," she says. "They're still playing with Lego and building blocks. They're still playing with construction sets, so that question -- 'Are kids really playing with toys still?' -- They are."

It's a comeback for simple toys, where fun never really went out of style.

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